Limerick of Lament – The Despair of a Sweet Love Affair



Fantasy fudge. A sweet love affair.
“Sounds intriguing”, declares my friend Claire.
Marshmallow fluff
Amazing stuff
Buy two jars so you have some to share.

I showed the website to make Claire aware,
But now she’s mad so you better beware.
They advertise shipping
But they don’t, so she’s flipping
To the Fluff guys she’s screaming “No fair!”

I don’t know what we can do to console her
Or how to keep her from going bipolar.
It seems we must crush
This lush sugar rush.
Stay away, we just can’t control her!

This stuff, Fluff, from America is rare.
But you long for fudge, so please don’t despair.
And so we must cheat
On this affair so sweet
with mini marshmallows as fluffy as air.


5 comments on “Limerick of Lament – The Despair of a Sweet Love Affair

  1. HAHAHAHA thanks for that :O)
    I’m considering melting some down and making my own!
    We can hwever get mini marshmallows so that’s ok…though I don’t think they’re Kraft…but they probably will be soon since they bought out our beloved Cadbury’s. Nothing is sacred!!
    Hey! I just realised I have a childhood friend who now lives in the States…maybe I could get her to send me some Fluff and then send her some OXO cubes or something in exchange hahahah

  2. Cadbury is pretty amazing. We love it here. I’m sure your friend is missing something that she can’t get there. I’d love to know what it is.

  3. When I first moved to Jordan they always used to have fluff at C Town, but after that, it just disappeared. It is some yummy stuff for sure! And gluten free! Ha.

  4. limericks are so difficult to do but it comes to you so naturally- i like the fun and humour- you are just extraordinary joycie!

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