The Bad Poet’s Society

You may think that I write these poems to amuse you lovely readers, but the fact is I do it to amuse myself like a kid who has memorized a recitation and stands in front of whatever audience she can muster up with her hands clasped in front of her rocking ever so gently to the sound of her own voice. She loves the occasional run-on sentence and any chance to rhyme. That’s me.

But I am not alone.

I just became part of a society of such harmless souls. The fearless leader of The Bad Poet’s Society writes poems about dots and lives by the motto “Give pink a chance.” Like I said, harmless.

Ode to Dots

When I stop thinking

I am nothing

Just a dot

That loves pink

Occasionally pulses

And in the morning

Needs coffee.



Snaps, momma. And don’t we all need coffee. Here is my entry:

The Bad Poetry Jam
I think…
I’m one bad mamajama
I’d love to be a poetry slamma
I’d love to be coola
So cool I could school ya.
I’ll keep rockin’ these rhymes like a gramma.
And if that’s not bad enough, how about this one?
Ode to My Lack of Exercise
I’d much rather walk like an Egyptical
But it’s time to get on the elliptical
To get out of this rut
I must get off my butt
Saying tongue twisters that make my lips tickle.
Rubber baby buggy bumpers.
Rubber baby buggy bumpers.

30 comments on “The Bad Poet’s Society

  1. I am in awe of your skill. You are one brilliantly bad poet. I just have one word for your magnificent poetry, my fellow society member. Wounce!
    Wounce times a million.
    x Lisa
    ps. I adore that picture of you on your wedding day. You look lovely in red! And I detect a smile, a little Mona Lisa smile. 🙂

  2. hahahah.. that last one totally got me rolling all over, laughing! Oh, and I tried the tongue twister at a snail’s speed, and failed! Yea, I am quite consistently HORRID at those things 🙂
    I am falling in love with your li’l odes…
    Keep writing, and keep rocking! Oh.. and don’t stop hip-hoppin’ ! 😉

  3. got an award for you at my blog- the pink award haha!

  4. hahahaha I can’t really stop laughing!!! you’re very talented with regards to bad poetry!

  5. Hysterical!!!!!

  6. Very funny!

  7. lols…thank u…u just made my day:)

  8. you are a skilled poet!

  9. Love it, love it and Love it….nice..


  10. I am liken you style, girl! Nicely written!

  11. I believe it takes a certain amount of skill to deliberately write a bad poem.
    I salute you

  12. Fun and cute! I love this poem :3

  13. Thank you for doing all of this and making it fun. – Bill

  14. I loved this!!

  15. Loved it! I had a huge smile by the end!


  16. Well Pink dot, you are HUGE in my book, love the style and sense of humor, a very enjoyable read.

    came by thurdsay rally,


    encase you stop by my blog, I have two posts today, one is for jingles rally,

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