A Birthday Limerick for Sereen

My friend, Sereen, is opening up a new bakery, Z Cake Shop, and her cakes are beautiful! Today happens to be her birthday so she gets a limerick from me. I am hoping that on my birthday I will be getting a cake from her!

“Please won’t you try me?” your beautiful cakes sing.
I could eat them til my stomach is  aching
I shall make a suggestion
In the form of a question.
When it’s YOUR birthday, who does the baking?

6 comments on “A Birthday Limerick for Sereen

  1. I picked up Z Bakery on Facebook yesterday and I am SO IMPRESSED with the cakes!

    Happy birthday Sereen – you don’t know me yet, but you’ll be seeing me in your shop – especially for my son’s birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday…Sereen,

  3. The cake looks soooo yummy!!
    Dang! My birthday is too far ..

    But anyway, Happy Birthday Sereen… and good luck and congratulations on Z Cake Shop!!! 😀

    Joyce, why don’t you bake her one, and write this sweet limerick on the cake with some cream ? 🙂
    Wooooww… tasteeeeeeeeeeee !!

  4. Limericks would be awesome (and tastier) if they were on cakes. Think about it.

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