I know this may sound absurd
But I have this obsession with words.
I’ve taken up blogging;
It’s more fun than jogging.
So through limericks I like to be heard.

In a small Pennsylvania town,
I grew up just hangin’ around.
After high school graduation,
The world was my fascination.
Amman, Jordan is now where I’m found.

My interests are my kids and cooking
Along with reading and lots of facebooking
I hope that my themes
will reign supreme
and keep you coming back and looking.


11 comments on “About

  1. nice blog!! you really made me laugh!! you are gifted using words!

    following you for sure.

  2. hoho- where have you been hiding all this while? this is great limerick.. shall add you into my blogroll- you are welcome to add me too!

  3. May your wonderful words bring you many wonderful smiles. 🙂

  4. I’m very glad to know your blog…The limericks are wonderful.

    Per your request, I have added an audio track to my Haiku, New Dawn. http://tracyhsays.com/2010/07/01/july-2-2010-new-dawn

    Thanks for the interest.

    Sincerely, Tracy H

  5. great limerick….interesting story.

  6. What a great way to present your “About.” I’m glad you visited so I found your blog. Peace.

  7. I love your site! Thanks so much for your comment about my blog post. I found much on your site that was so fun to read, but nothing as fun as the fact that we’re both “Pennsylvania girls!”

  8. I wanted to invite you to join in a new type of link sharing forum I’ve set up on my blog. I hope to see you there! :o)

    Smiley Sociology Study #2

  9. What a great blog! I love all the limericks and the page titles. Your posts are certainly making me excited for my move to Jordan in a few weeks’ time.

  10. Good stuff! You try to pick words everytime you write and your care for the reader is so real. Also, you cook up a storm!

    From Pennsylvania to Jordan! What a leap…what a difference. I was in Ohio for a few years. Used to have my flims developed in Pittsburgh.

    Hard for me to imagine being face to face always, with the situation there. It is very close to my heart. It can’t be allowed to continue. There must be hope for all. There must be dignity in life. There must be joy in freedom.

    By the way – I think the men are gorgeous where you are – when they are!

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