Ode to a Sweet Summer Morn

Sittin’ in the sunshine before the start of heat
It’s hittin’ my bare toes. I’ve got flipflops on my feet.
Thankin’ God for breezes, ah the mornings are so sweet.
There’s nothing like a breeze accompanied by shade
My second cup of coffee, in a mug, freshly made
Better drink it fast before this moment will fade
The sun is creeping to my knees. I’m beginning to get warm
The calm of the morning is slowly starting to transform
You could liken this moment to the calm before the storm.
Enjoyin’ the silence a little too much I confess
Before the kids file out with the start of their requests
I get up but find my way back, nevertheless.
Mr. Sun, excuse me, but you’re getting in my eyes
I’ll sit further in the corner as a way to improvise
Mornings with you show me just how time flies.
There’s no more shade to speak of, not even to borrow
I won’t fret although you may think it’s the cause of some sorrow
Time to sieze the day, I’ll meet you back here tomorrow!

9 comments on “Ode to a Sweet Summer Morn

  1. LOVELY poem!!! Even in the few irritations that you’ve pointed out, it is so positive!
    Make the best of what’s today, and then look for more tomorrow!
    I very refreshing and cheery read!

  2. I love coming here, always ending on a positive note. Beautiful my friend and thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. So lovely Joyce. I love it.
    I do love my quiet mornings with my mug of coffee, sitting on my swing. I’m headed out there soon!!!

  4. That’s a sweet poem! Was that Depeche Mode reference intentional in there?

  5. you filled up my heart with yearning for tomorrow morning. 🙂
    heat is back with vengeance after a short spell of rainy relief.

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