What way Westminster?

A friend of mine lives down the way from Strawberry Fields. He has been showing his displeasure of giving tourists directions so I thought a little limerick might cheer him up. I am sure my geography is all wrong, and I still don’t know the difference between U.K. and Britain. I’m just an American woman in Jordan (as opposed to an Englishman in New York). He thinks that I go searching for limericks, but actually they just come to me, like this one here. It’s a good thing because being directionally challenged, I would get lost in the search. My mind has also been known to wander. . .

Can you tell me which way is Westminister?
What? Well, you don’t have to be so sinister!
I’ll just get a map.
It’s better than a slap.
Walking in circles is giving me blinisters!
While looking for just the right picture, I found this link to all the album cover parodies for Abbey Road.

2 comments on “What way Westminster?

  1. Love your poetic license…

  2. Well, thank you! I just had it renewed!

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