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A Birthday Limerick for Hajjeh

There is someone I know who leaves me in awe, One of the most thoughtful women I ever saw. Generous and kind. So glad I’m assigned To be none other than her daughter in law.

A Limerick to Leave You in Stitches

Sometimes when pronouncing a word Things can get downright absurd When trying to read crochet I hope you don’t botch it Lest another meaning be inferred.

Trick Shot Eddie and Reboundin’ Brian – Must See Video!

Trick Shot Eddie and Reboundin’ Brian Didn’t stop. They just kept on tryin’. Their shots? Outrageous. Their video? Contagious. Just watch those B-balls fly in. . . Swish. . . . Like it? Share it. Post it. Tweet it. Repeat it. 166 views at time of post. Let’s see their video get the most. Bounce.

Light, an OULIPO poem inspired by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Today’s poem is an Oulipo poem, which is a poetry style that came out of the 1960s. Basically, what is done is every noun in an existing poem is replaced by the seventh noun to come after it in the dictionary, thus creating a new piece of prose. I did mine based on a poem […]

Black Out – A Poetic Exercise

My new favorite writer’s blog, The Pencil Sharpener, is sharpening my skills in the poetry department. Today’s exercise is to find a short poem, completely cross out all but the fifth word and see what remains. The exercise is completed by rewriting a poem around those words in the genre of your choice. I found […]

A Birthday Limerick for Denyse

Happy Birthday to my cousin Neysie You’re as close to my heart as you’ll ever be. At 11:11 Go to sleep. Dream of heaven In your pajamas oh so fleecy. . . . . Love you!

We said our last good bye – a rock and rhyme poem

Standing on a lonely hill Beneath a cloudy sky He always thought our love would grow Before we said our last good bye. . Didn’t know just what he did wrong Never got to ask me why Why must I be so doggone proud To make him say good bye . Will I ever get […]

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A Sonnet for those star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Lynda

Two souls TO you I WILL SUGGEST A strong Leo AND fair Capricorn THE SITUATION could very WELL BE blessed But his name was not THE one that was worn She too was TRYING TO FIND A WAY To PASS off a MISSING designation. IT was, ALBEIT, UPSETTING to portray Another, this would BE the […]

A poem to my beloved, Nescafe

I wake every day to you and your scent Never too soon for my first sip Surely you can make me content To my step you give a light skip Another teaspoon in water dissolves right away Now I don’t want to miss a drip. There could be no better start to my day. . […]