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Limerick of Lament: Parting Really is Such Sweet Sorrow

You’ve heard about two peas in a pod, That’s the way it is with Q and Rod. Two boys who are friends That will never end Although one lives his life abroad. . Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Wii On these things they will always agree Although neither have a brother They have each other […]


A Birthday Limerick for Amira

Happy birthday, Amira!! Oh how I wish I were near ya I’d give you a kiss You cute little miss There’s no ten year old girl that is dearer! . . Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

Poets to Ponder

I have been blessed to be introduced to other poets through my blog. I am listing links of them for those interested in reading new poetry. please leave a comment, we all need some encouragement on our writing. If you are visiting this page and would like you link on here, please comment. . . […]

The Bluebird, by Edwin Abner Poe

It’s a lesser known fact that Edgar Allen Poe had a twin brother. They were born in Boston in 1809 to Southern parents, traveling actors “whose status was just a little higher than that of vagabonds”. Edgar and Edwin were orphaned at age 2 when their father abandoned the family and their mother died of […]

Ma, I’m bored!

Don’t you just hate those words? Do they echo through your head or are they really repeated so often throughout these summer days that they seem like a reverberation? My kids have ALL the stuff. Computers, PlayStation, PSP, toys, toys, toys, cell phones, television, DVDs, and of course each other. Yet they still manage to […]

A Birthday Limerick for Gretchen of A Poem A Day

Gretchen is a blogger who has made it her goal to write a Poem A Day for an entire year, chronicling her life. Yesterday was her birthday and her poem really captured that feeling that comes for everyone that one day a year. Well now, my dear Gretchen, my obsession with limericks started by writing […]

Haiku! Gesundheit.

Hooray! I actually got an award for my poetry this past week from a poet who goes by the name of Jingle. She does weekly awards that encourage other poets to read your work and give you feedback. If you are a poet and would like others to know it, start a blog and check […]

Just so you know, the chicken comes first.

At least that’s how it goes on the soon to be egg-producing chicken farm my husband is starting. Today we took the kids on a road trip a half an hour’s drive out of Amman to see the farm for the first time. The chickens are growing nicely and by the end of summer we […]

Limerick for a Summer Afternoon

The kids and I went to a super duper barbecue today. Great food and great vibes. A good time was had by all and we hated to see it end. The hostess went around introducing all and of course mentioned that I write limericks. I was put to the test as I jotted this one […]

I love . . .

I love the cool breeze after a long hot day. I love not having to leave when I’d much rather stay. I love the sound of children when they are busy at play, Spending their days without strife. I love waking up early with not four kids but one Giving us the chance for some […]