Fifteen minutes at Carrefour

I went speed shopping at Carrefour recently. Carrefour is the Jordanian version of Target (say Tar-zhay) but they really are French. I despise shopping so I set sight on my target and head towards the checkout. I don’t think anyone can get in and out of City Mall faster than I can, even with kids in tow. The day’s trip was for a Lego lookalike that was actually affordable and every bit as well made as the original. On our way to the checkout my eye was drawn towards the Barbie lookalikes, and on closer inspection another lookalike.

Found in the aisles of Carrefour

And he wore a wholly striking resemblance of . . .

Andy Warhol!

Am I right?


4 comments on “Fifteen minutes at Carrefour

  1. Hahahahah fantastic! What a freak.
    Used to go to Carrefour in Spain! HUUUUUUUUUGE shops!

  2. Unbelievable resemblance!!!!

  3. i too hate shopping and act just like you. i set my goal before entering the shop. 🙂

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