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for gripes sake

my computer is lazy and slow. but then again, so am i these days.
time to restart and cut us both some slack.


the drain in the floor is slower than the drain in the tub.

that is bathroom number one.
the little squirter in the bathroom without the bidet decided to leak last night, in the middle of the night. left me with a swamp of a bath mat and wet socks.
bathroom number three and i are friends at the moment.

one of my dearest friends is correcting us about our use of online potty humor, so i couldn’t write about bathroom number well you know.
perhaps my biggest gripe is that we have a household shortage of bath towels because our beach towels all disappeared over the summer. I do a load of towels daily as a result.

but, alhamdullilah, my list of gripes is shorter than my list of blessings!


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