Limerick of Lament and Rap of Rage: Profilin’

Yesterday, someone disabled my facebook account, for reasons unknown to me.  It’s hard not to take something like this personally, so I decided to get it out of my system by writing an angry rap. Picturing me, your average mom, rapping in this style is enough to bring humor to any situation. I feel so […]


If ignorance truly is bliss, ignore this post.

Whoever said Knowledge is Power is full of poppycock. I am beginning to think that Ignorance is Bliss. Having a purpose in your life is supposed to propel you forward, but when that path is filled with obstacles and counterforces trying to shoot you down, sometimes passion becomes your enemy. . Sometimes I think that […]

Limerick of Lament: Automatic Cycle vs. Vicious Cycle

When I saw this picture I wanted to cry . . . . Once upon a time in a former life of carefree kids and a happy wife Rinsing dishes by the sink the sound of the glasses’ clink to the spoon, the fork and the knife. . . Set it and forget it as […]

One Angry Customer and Lessons to Learn from Cake Mania

Okay, this little rant is merely for my self gratification. With one day a week dedicated to my gripes, sometimes the gripe loses its momentum. The incident that had me fuming last Friday is nothing but smoke and ashes now, but when I walk back into that place, as I must, the flames may get […]

for gripes sake

my computer is lazy and slow. but then again, so am i these days. time to restart and cut us both some slack. . the drain in the floor is slower than the drain in the tub. that is bathroom number one. . the little squirter in the bathroom without the bidet decided to leak […]

Snow Day, Jordanian Style

The buzz around town last night was the possibility of snow in Jordan. When the kids heard this, they did NOT want to go to bed. We were checking the AccuWeather Hour-By-Hour weather and snow was set to come. The little one stayed up with me to see what precipitation would come at 1am. It […]

My New Year’s ReVolution

New Year’s Resolutions? Who needs ’em? Come on, people. We all know we want to go gung-ho after this past month of excess in eating, spending, and whatever it is we think we shouldn’t be doing. But I have come to a realization, in my life at least, that these goals start out with a […]

Ode to a Mom Pulling Out Her Hair

Yesterday, I wrote of the laments of studying. A reader reminded me of how it is no easier for the parents. This is for her. . . . This limerick goes out to Cari, Is she tired of studying? Very! So very tired. But her kids are all wired. And her temper is risin’. Be […]

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

It sure is interesting how times have changed. I found this penmanship slash writing assignment in my School Years Book, a scrapbook put together by my mother. I was in second grade at the time and it is the rundown of my Christmas. I included, of course, the presents I received. I would love to […]


When today’s motto is “The sun’ll come out tomorrow”, I have to wait a day to take a shower by solar heated water. Sayings like: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I should be a championship bodybuilder after this week. But hey, I CAN tear cabbage with my bare hands. When Extra Strength doesn’t […]