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A Birthday Limerick for Seth

Wish you could spend your day in Hollywood, or on a San Francisco Trolley. Would you spend your day of getting older getting golder on a boulder? If he could, I am sure Seth Fragale would. . . Happy Birthday, Cuz.

the more you toot the better you feel . . .

I am now found on toot: The Arab blog network. toot is the sound you make to draw attention to yourself. toot is a fruit that consists of little particles that make up a whole. toots belongs to a tree. toots is sweet. toot toot comes in different colours. That word toot reminds me of a […]

Eight Ball Zucchini – How Darling

I came across this recipe for stuffed zucchini (cousa) and was struck by the shape of the squash. I sure wish we could find this in Jordan, maybe I would find myself making this cherished Jordanian dish more often. I recently posted a recipe for stuffed cousa on recipezaar. I got my first rating on […]

People are People Wherever You Go. . .

even when it comes to making a good cup of joe! This morning, while searching for a chocolate zucchini cake recipe, I came across a list of hints from Heloise that were once copied by my grandmother in her looseleaf binder slash recipe book. Her children and grandchildren each have a copy shop bound 8 […]

A Birthday Limerick for Vanessa

I hope that God will bless a
certain girl named Vanessa.
I hope no one has told her
That she’s looking older.
I hope she gets treated like a princesa.

Let The Limerick Lady Be Your Inspiration!

It’s my birthday. I’m on vacation. So let me be your inspiration. For better or worse Write me a verse That will fill my heart with elation. . . This was my one and only birthday request this year. A simple facebook status update and my wish was more than granted. I have such amazing […]

Friday, 2:30

Who says dentists don’t have a sense of humor? I’ve been going to the orthodontist once a month for the past two and a half years. Every fourth Friday. On one of my first visits there, I told him my one and only dentist joke. It goes like this. (Brace yourself.) What is the best […]