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A Birthday Limerick for Seth

Wish you could spend your day in Hollywood, or on a San Francisco Trolley. Would you spend your day of getting older getting golder on a boulder? If he could, I am sure Seth Fragale would. . . Happy Birthday, Cuz.

the more you toot the better you feel . . .

I am now found on toot: The Arab blog network. toot is the sound you make to draw attention to yourself. toot is a fruit that consists of little particles that make up a whole. toots belongs to a tree. toots is sweet. toot toot comes in different colours. That word toot reminds me of a […]

Eight Ball Zucchini – How Darling

I came across this recipe for stuffed zucchini (cousa) and was struck by the shape of the squash. I sure wish we could find this in Jordan, maybe I would find myself making this cherished Jordanian dish more often. I recently posted a recipe for stuffed cousa on recipezaar. I got my first rating on […]

People are People Wherever You Go. . .

even when it comes to making a good cup of joe! This morning, while searching for a chocolate zucchini cake recipe, I came across a list of hints from Heloise that were once copied by my grandmother in her looseleaf binder slash recipe book. Her children and grandchildren each have a copy shop bound 8 […]

A Birthday Limerick for Vanessa

I hope that God will bless a
certain girl named Vanessa.
I hope no one has told her
That she’s looking older.
I hope she gets treated like a princesa.

Let The Limerick Lady Be Your Inspiration!

It’s my birthday. I’m on vacation. So let me be your inspiration. For better or worse Write me a verse That will fill my heart with elation. . . This was my one and only birthday request this year. A simple facebook status update and my wish was more than granted. I have such amazing […]

Friday, 2:30

Who says dentists don’t have a sense of humor? I’ve been going to the orthodontist once a month for the past two and a half years. Every fourth Friday. On one of my first visits there, I told him my one and only dentist joke. It goes like this. (Brace yourself.) What is the best […]

Haggling for Nail Polish

Yesterday, I swept away with Alia and no kids in tow for a tiny shopping excursion. We needed to take something in for repair, but decided that this moment free of tagalongs deserved some impulse shopping. With most of my money dogmarked for groceries, we set a 5 dinar budget each and set out for […]

A Colorful Cure?

White, hot pink, lavender, leopard, none Who knew being viral could be such fun. but what color you wearness should turn into awareness Or what was it we were supposed to have done? . Worse than any virus is cancer It should never be left to chance or there will be no hope. For the […]

Potluck Friday

Who doesn’t love a good potluck? I mean, everyone can cook at least one thing good. And if you aren’t into cooking there is always chips, dip, and drinks. For all of its appeal, it has never made it big in Jordanian society, except among the expatriates and transplants. I attend at least one potluck […]