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A Limerick for Kinzi

You’ve been gone for awhile and the city is ever changin’. New malls are in Swefieh, their displays they are arrangin’. We’ve got stores in your name But it’s still not the same Come back soon, now, don’t be estrangin’! . . Jordan beckons, Kinzi!


Ode to a Sweet Summer Morn

Sittin’ in the sunshine before the start of heat It’s hittin’ my bare toes. I’ve got flipflops on my feet. Thankin’ God for breezes, ah the mornings are so sweet. . There’s nothing like a breeze accompanied by shade My second cup of coffee, in a mug, freshly made Better drink it fast before this […]


This was first posted on March 3, 2010 and I am now reposting it in honor of Ugly Duckling’s post, Characteristics of a Jordanian Cab Driver. She is so dead on with her observations, yet again. What am  doing here in front of my computer before even drinking my first cup of coffee when I […]

Seven Things About Me and the Pink Award

1 Things about me in the number of seven First I live my life like I’m goin’ to heaven Hopin all my wrongs will some day be forgiven That’s one. 2 Second thing about me that you should know I look nothing like Adrienne Barbeau I never sang on Broadway or that Love Boat Show […]

A Birthday Limerick for Sereen

My friend, Sereen, is opening up a new bakery, Z Cake Shop, and her cakes are beautiful! Today happens to be her birthday so she gets a limerick from me. I am hoping that on my birthday I will be getting a cake from her! . “Please won’t you try me?” your beautiful cakes sing. […]

Limerick of Lament and Rap of Rage: Profilin’

Yesterday, someone disabled my facebook account, for reasons unknown to me.  It’s hard not to take something like this personally, so I decided to get it out of my system by writing an angry rap. Picturing me, your average mom, rapping in this style is enough to bring humor to any situation. I feel so […]

The Bad Poet’s Society

You may think that I write these poems to amuse you lovely readers, but the fact is I do it to amuse myself like a kid who has memorized a recitation and stands in front of whatever audience she can muster up with her hands clasped in front of her rocking ever so gently to […]

A Birthday Limerick and More for Wendy

There’s no good reason this wish is belated. My eyes weren’t dilated nor was I sedated. It wasn’t the flu. Forgive me, Wendy Brown Chu Now here’s the poem that was so long awaited. . . . Because I find you oh so dear Filling our days with endless cheer I wish you even more […]

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Post a comment. Leave me a word. Tell me it’s the best That you’ve ever heard. Tell me it stinks It is too absurd. Or that for a moment Your boredom was cured. Write me a paragraph. Write me a letter. Your reading my writing Always makes me feel better. Give me a thumbs up. […]

A Birthday Limerick for Chris

Happy Birthday Christopher Bauer! Looks like I’ve waited until the last hour. The least I could owe him Was this cute little poem And one wish of Wonder Twin power!