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Tell Me A Story

I’ve been nominated the Perfect Poet Award from Jingle at the Promising Poets’ Parking Lot. Thank you, Ji for the nomination. It is great to be in such good company. I would like to nominate Waystationone and his poem What’s Cookin as a Perfect Poet for Week 25. I hope you will enjoy my entry for […]

Haiku! Gesundheit.

Hooray! I actually got an award for my poetry this past week from a poet who goes by the name of Jingle. She does weekly awards that encourage other poets to read your work and give you feedback. If you are a poet and would like others to know it, start a blog and check […]

I love . . .

I love the cool breeze after a long hot day. I love not having to leave when I’d much rather stay. I love the sound of children when they are busy at play, Spending their days without strife. I love waking up early with not four kids but one Giving us the chance for some […]