Wishful Thinking

Once upon a facebook . . .spoiler alert! . . they live happily ever after

I have heard people talk about the benefits and drawbacks of social networking sites like facebook. You most certainly can fill your time on them, even waste your time away from doing productive and physical work. You can play games like Mafia Wars and Farmville with friends you haven’t seen since high school and still […]

Fly, Lady, Fly

When I was just a girl, I had it in my head that I wanted to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for something. I probably was watching too much of the Brady Bunch or something. Just what would be my claim to fame? That didn’t matter as much as just being in […]

GPS, what a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

I’ve been in Jordan for three years now, and still have some apprehension about driving to unknown neighborhoods. West Amman, I’ve got you covered. Jabal Amman, you are my old stomping grounds. However, many of my friends live in areas where the signs turn to only Arabic. Oo0o0ooo! This can be quite troublesome when your […]

I laugh the loudest at my own jokes.

Today a friend posed a question, with a slight grammatical error. I couldn’t resist responding: With all the hoopla over LOST, who would you like to permanently send to a desert island? . . Let’s see. A desert island? I would say Silas from The DaVinci Code. A deserted island? Me, for some solitude. A […]

Potluck Friday

Who doesn’t love a good potluck? I mean, everyone can cook at least one thing good. And if you aren’t into cooking there is always chips, dip, and drinks. For all of its appeal, it has never made it big in Jordanian society, except among the expatriates and transplants. I attend at least one potluck […]

Ode to a Mom Pulling Out Her Hair

Yesterday, I wrote of the laments of studying. A reader reminded me of how it is no easier for the parents. This is for her. . . . This limerick goes out to Cari, Is she tired of studying? Very! So very tired. But her kids are all wired. And her temper is risin’. Be […]

When Layali Rules the World

Some day I imagine Layali will be something. That girl, with her personality and ever working brain, will definitely tell us what she’s made of. I am thinking philosopher or maybe lawyer, because she poses questions that leave me speechless. Today it was all about meaning. Layali: What is truth? I try to come up […]