Seven Things About Me and the Pink Award

1 Things about me in the number of seven First I live my life like I’m goin’ to heaven Hopin all my wrongs will some day be forgiven That’s one. 2 Second thing about me that you should know I look nothing like Adrienne Barbeau I never sang on Broadway or that Love Boat Show […]


I’ve got a ticket to ride! With love from him to me!

It’s time to indulge myself and even if you don’t know me personally, I think you can feel my joy! My apologies to John and Paul. Your tune is running through my head, I just had to tweak the words. I think I’m gonna be glad, I think it’s today, yeah. The guy that’s driving […]

The Bluebird, by Edwin Abner Poe

It’s a lesser known fact that Edgar Allen Poe had a twin brother. They were born in Boston in 1809 to Southern parents, traveling actors “whose status was just a little higher than that of vagabonds”. Edgar and Edwin were orphaned at age 2 when their father abandoned the family and their mother died of […]

Ma, I’m bored!

Don’t you just hate those words? Do they echo through your head or are they really repeated so often throughout these summer days that they seem like a reverberation? My kids have ALL the stuff. Computers, PlayStation, PSP, toys, toys, toys, cell phones, television, DVDs, and of course each other. Yet they still manage to […]

Just so you know, the chicken comes first.

At least that’s how it goes on the soon to be egg-producing chicken farm my husband is starting. Today we took the kids on a road trip a half an hour’s drive out of Amman to see the farm for the first time. The chickens are growing nicely and by the end of summer we […]

My Favorite Things – The Sound of Music Meets Jordan

Reposting my love song to Jordan today in honor of Eid al Istiqlal, Independence Day! While I love to hear the Jordanian National Anthem, I can only hum along. Enjoy your day, everyone. Eat some shawarma or mansaf, your choice! Long live the King! Inspired by the 50 things we love about Jordan and kinzi’s […]

A Birthday Poem for Tom

“One dark day in the middle of the night” This is the poem he liked to recite. Side by side we grew up with each other, Today’s his birthday! Whose? My brother’s! . . . . Have an extraordinary day! Love always, Joyce

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Trick Shot Eddie and Reboundin’ Brian – Must See Video!

Trick Shot Eddie and Reboundin’ Brian Didn’t stop. They just kept on tryin’. Their shots? Outrageous. Their video? Contagious. Just watch those B-balls fly in. . . Swish. . . . Like it? Share it. Post it. Tweet it. Repeat it. 166 views at time of post. Let’s see their video get the most. Bounce.

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