Cari’s Cravetastic Coffee Cake and the Hostess with the Mostess (plates to serve, that is)

One big benefit to the numerous coffee mornings I go to with friends is the ability to sample new and exciting treats. My friend, Cari, made the most wonderful coffee cake recently and I have been spreading the word about it. It was the most perfect coffee cake in texture in flavor that I have […]

Gramma’s Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting

The decorating was a chore that had to be done for my grandmother, but for her grandchildren it was more like four dozen canvases awaiting adornment.

the more you toot the better you feel . . .

I am now found on toot: The Arab blog network. toot is the sound you make to draw attention to yourself. toot is a fruit that consists of little particles that make up a whole. toots belongs to a tree. toots is sweet. toot toot comes in different colours. That word toot reminds me of a […]

Eight Ball Zucchini – How Darling

I came across this recipe for stuffed zucchini (cousa) and was struck by the shape of the squash. I sure wish we could find this in Jordan, maybe I would find myself making this cherished Jordanian dish more often. I recently posted a recipe for stuffed cousa on recipezaar. I got my first rating on […]

People are People Wherever You Go. . .

even when it comes to making a good cup of joe! This morning, while searching for a chocolate zucchini cake recipe, I came across a list of hints from Heloise that were once copied by my grandmother in her looseleaf binder slash recipe book. Her children and grandchildren each have a copy shop bound 8 […]

A Well Seasoned Greeting

One thing about holidays worth looking forward to is the traditional baking and cooking that goes along with it. I married into a family of great cooks, but I was born into a family of great bakers! Certain members of the family perfected certain recipes, and we would all come together during Christmas to share […]

Sweet Dreams of Fudge

Today my kids enjoyed the last day of their holiday with friends. This was a first for me and I could really get used to a quiet house. My oldest is fifteen and has never had a babysitter outside of after school care when she was five. My youngest does not start school until next […]

Kissin’ wears out . . . cookin’ don’t!

So goes the famous Pennsylvania Dutch saying. Growing up German (Deutsch) in Pennsylvania, I was exposed to the culture through our food and some language, although I must say most of the language I heard required my grandfather to put a nickel in a jar for using words he should not utter. My grandmother enforced […]

Introduction to baking, recipe cards and wacky cakes

I have been baking since I was just a young girl. My mother inspired me then as she always would with the love of baking. It must have started the Christmas that I decided Santa should bring me an EasyBake oven. Never did get the thing, but my mom shrugged it off with a “Who […]