A Birthday Limerick for Chris

Happy Birthday Christopher Bauer! Looks like I’ve waited until the last hour. The least I could owe him Was this cute little poem And one wish of Wonder Twin power!

A Birthday Limerick for Jen S.

Jen’s that gal from Alabama Whose life plays out like a docudrama. The current chapter is cool, Set in Istanbul With pure perspective of the panorama! . Happy Birthday, Jen!

Tell Me A Story

I’ve been nominated the Perfect Poet Award from Jingle at the Promising Poets’ Parking Lot. Thank you, Ji for the nomination. It is great to be in such good company. I would like to nominate Waystationone and his poem What’s Cookin as a Perfect Poet for Week 25. I hope you will enjoy my entry for […]

I’ve got a ticket to ride! With love from him to me!

It’s time to indulge myself and even if you don’t know me personally, I think you can feel my joy! My apologies to John and Paul. Your tune is running through my head, I just had to tweak the words. I think I’m gonna be glad, I think it’s today, yeah. The guy that’s driving […]

Limerick of Lament: Parting Really is Such Sweet Sorrow

You’ve heard about two peas in a pod, That’s the way it is with Q and Rod. Two boys who are friends That will never end Although one lives his life abroad. . Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Wii On these things they will always agree Although neither have a brother They have each other […]

A Birthday Limerick for Amira

Happy birthday, Amira!! Oh how I wish I were near ya I’d give you a kiss You cute little miss There’s no ten year old girl that is dearer! . . Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

Poets to Ponder

I have been blessed to be introduced to other poets through my blog. I am listing links of them for those interested in reading new poetry. please leave a comment, we all need some encouragement on our writing. If you are visiting this page and would like you link on here, please comment. . . […]

The Bluebird, by Edwin Abner Poe

It’s a lesser known fact that Edgar Allen Poe had a twin brother. They were born in Boston in 1809 to Southern parents, traveling actors “whose status was just a little higher than that of vagabonds”. Edgar and Edwin were orphaned at age 2 when their father abandoned the family and their mother died of […]

A Birthday Limerick for Gretchen of A Poem A Day

Gretchen is a blogger who has made it her goal to write a Poem A Day for an entire year, chronicling her life. Yesterday was her birthday and her poem really captured that feeling that comes for everyone that one day a year. Well now, my dear Gretchen, my obsession with limericks started by writing […]

Haiku! Gesundheit.

Hooray! I actually got an award for my poetry this past week from a poet who goes by the name of Jingle. She does weekly awards that encourage other poets to read your work and give you feedback. If you are a poet and would like others to know it, start a blog and check […]