How does your garden grow?

. For you, Roba

Cari’s Cravetastic Coffee Cake and the Hostess with the Mostess (plates to serve, that is)

One big benefit to the numerous coffee mornings I go to with friends is the ability to sample new and exciting treats. My friend, Cari, made the most wonderful coffee cake recently and I have been spreading the word about it. It was the most perfect coffee cake in texture in flavor that I have […]

A Portent of Springs to Come

Here comes the sun, doo da doo doo Here comes the sun, and I say It’s alright! Spring is definitely in the air in Jordan. I saw my favorite first sign of spring a few days ago, the roadside seasonal gardening shops full of colorful flowers. I decided to dig up some pictures from last […]

The youngest face on facebook

Remember when you had a baby and the hospital would send a photographer around to take a picture of your baby and you would buy a package of pictures in a little card/frame, fill out the birthdate, height, weight, and of course the little pumpkin’s name to send out to friends and family? Do they […]

Love those well intentioned ads, sometimes spell-check isn’t enough

Come enjoy the best cup of coffee in Jordan. Ask for our Mouth watering Desert. Abdoun 5926526. Best Coffee in town. . . . I am thinking this could be a regular post subject. After another blogger brought about a sign change, I realized that Jordan could benefit from some gentle corrections. Because we care.

Because I know this is what you want to see . . .

So we didn’t get the big snow predicted over the weekend. I thought I would remind everyone of the picture perfect day that happened in Jordan almost three years ago, on March 15th. Just when we thought the season would come and go without any snowfall, we got it. Most people stayed inside that day […]

People are People Wherever You Go. . .

even when it comes to making a good cup of joe! This morning, while searching for a chocolate zucchini cake recipe, I came across a list of hints from Heloise that were once copied by my grandmother in her looseleaf binder slash recipe book. Her children and grandchildren each have a copy shop bound 8 […]

Haggling for Nail Polish

Yesterday, I swept away with Alia and no kids in tow for a tiny shopping excursion. We needed to take something in for repair, but decided that this moment free of tagalongs deserved some impulse shopping. With most of my money dogmarked for groceries, we set a 5 dinar budget each and set out for […]

Potluck Friday

Who doesn’t love a good potluck? I mean, everyone can cook at least one thing good. And if you aren’t into cooking there is always chips, dip, and drinks. For all of its appeal, it has never made it big in Jordanian society, except among the expatriates and transplants. I attend at least one potluck […]

If you could change your name, would you?

I am in an altered state. I get this way when I near the end of a book I am engrossed in. Yes, I even saw that I ended my sentence with a preposition and I have no desire to correct it. I told you I am in an altered state. My grandmother used to […]