A Birthday Limerick for Sereen

My friend, Sereen, is opening up a new bakery, Z Cake Shop, and her cakes are beautiful! Today happens to be her birthday so she gets a limerick from me. I am hoping that on my birthday I will be getting a cake from her! . “Please won’t you try me?” your beautiful cakes sing. […]


A Birthday Limerick and More for Wendy

There’s no good reason this wish is belated. My eyes weren’t dilated nor was I sedated. It wasn’t the flu. Forgive me, Wendy Brown Chu Now here’s the poem that was so long awaited. . . . Because I find you oh so dear Filling our days with endless cheer I wish you even more […]

A Birthday Limerick for Jen S.

Jen’s that gal from Alabama Whose life plays out like a docudrama. The current chapter is cool, Set in Istanbul With pure perspective of the panorama! . Happy Birthday, Jen!

A Birthday Limerick for Amira

Happy birthday, Amira!! Oh how I wish I were near ya I’d give you a kiss You cute little miss There’s no ten year old girl that is dearer! . . Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

A Birthday Limerick for Gretchen of A Poem A Day

Gretchen is a blogger who has made it her goal to write a Poem A Day for an entire year, chronicling her life. Yesterday was her birthday and her poem really captured that feeling that comes for everyone that one day a year. Well now, my dear Gretchen, my obsession with limericks started by writing […]

A Birthday Limerick for You Know Who

Hope you spend this day in your own special way. You know who you are but I don’t have to say. So we won’t make a fuss; We’ll just have to adjust. Your wish is the command we obey. . . Happy Birthday!

A Birthday Poem for Tom

“One dark day in the middle of the night” This is the poem he liked to recite. Side by side we grew up with each other, Today’s his birthday! Whose? My brother’s! . . . . Have an extraordinary day! Love always, Joyce

A Birthday Limerick for Jenine, better late than never

Allergy medicines made me sedated That’s my excuse as to why it’s belated I know you had fun At the beach in the sun With the memories you two created! . . . . . . . . Happy Belated Birthday, Jenine. So glad your hubby is a romantic.

A Birthday Limerick for Hajjeh

There is someone I know who leaves me in awe, One of the most thoughtful women I ever saw. Generous and kind. So glad I’m assigned To be none other than her daughter in law.

A Birthday Limerick for Denyse

Happy Birthday to my cousin Neysie You’re as close to my heart as you’ll ever be. At 11:11 Go to sleep. Dream of heaven In your pajamas oh so fleecy. . . . . Love you!