The Bluebird, by Edwin Abner Poe

It’s a lesser known fact that Edgar Allen Poe had a twin brother. They were born in Boston in 1809 to Southern parents, traveling actors “whose status was just a little higher than that of vagabonds”. Edgar and Edwin were orphaned at age 2 when their father abandoned the family and their mother died of consumption; Edgar was taken in and raised by friends of his mother. Edwin was taken in in and raised by friends and family of his father.

The two were as different as night and day. While Edgar Allen wrote short stories and long poems, Edwin Abner wrote long stories and short poems.

Once upon a daydream dearie, while I pondered chuffed and cheery
Over a run of the mill recitation of recollected laughter,
While I proceeded, practically prickling, suddenly there came a trickling,
As of some one gently tickling, tickling at my stockinged feet.
`’Tis some trespasser,’ I uttered, `tickling at my stockinged feet –
Only this and ever after.

And the mirthful merry mutter of each blue feather aflutter
Reshaped me – escaped me with simple delights of a crafter;
And so then, to agitate the elating of my heart, I reposed relating
`’Tis some intruder dancing daftly at my recollected laughter-
Some early intruder dancing daftlyat my recollected laughter; –
This it is, and ever after,’

And a bluebird, never lurching, still is perching, still is perching
On the boulders of my shoulders just above my stockinged feet;
And his song has all the voicing of a voice that is rejoicing,
And the spotlight on him streaming floats his feather on the love seat;
And my heart from out that feather that flies floats on the love seat
So happily ever after!


6 comments on “The Bluebird, by Edwin Abner Poe

  1. haha yor poems are just great!

  2. i love paper boats…off i go to play in puddles!

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