A Birthday Limerick for Gretchen of A Poem A Day

Gretchen is a blogger who has made it her goal to write a Poem A Day for an entire year, chronicling her life. Yesterday was her birthday and her poem really captured that feeling that comes for everyone that one day a year.

Well now, my dear Gretchen, my obsession with limericks started by writing birthday limericks, so I decided to write one for you.

Your birthday is over. It’s now in the past.
Yesterday was for presents, but the present won’t last.
Live for the day!
Pray and play, come what may!
May you make every moment a blast!

5 comments on “A Birthday Limerick for Gretchen of A Poem A Day

  1. Thanks for your visit!
    Must try out some limericks soon.
    Like this one of yours!

  2. you are so very thoughtful…
    please let her know..
    thank you for the cute and pink poem.

  3. A very cute tribute to a fellow Rally member!

  4. Aw, thanks so much! I can’t do limericks to save my life – I’m doubly impressed! 😀

  5. lot of wisdom and good advice in this birthday limerick it’s a gift in itself!..nice writing!

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