Haiku! Gesundheit.

Hooray! I actually got an award for my poetry this past week from a poet who goes by the name of Jingle. She does weekly awards that encourage other poets to read your work and give you feedback. If you are a poet and would like others to know it, start a blog and check out Jingle’s contest. It is amazing to have a community of other writers to support.

I accept your award, Jingle, with the deepest gratitude to you and all the other poets who have encouraged me. Since this week’s theme is haiku, I am reposting some haiku that I wrote in April. I would love to have people guess the adages that I took to make the haiku. Some are easy, some a bit obsure.

What’s better than a haiku? This is not a rhetorical question. This is just the limerick lady wanting to break out a little bit from my new poetry experience to have a little fun. And I found it. The poetry exercise today from The Pencil Sharpener is haiku. That won’t stop me from having a little whimsy. I found a variation on the haiku, which is a poem with a focus on nature, that is all about the humor of human foibles. Enter the Senryu. Essentially the same pattern of 17 or fewer syllables spread out over 3 lines with the middle line being the longest. If you like rules, stick to 5 on (Japanese for syllables), 7 on, 5 on. I have composed fourteen senryu based on well known adages. Let’s see how many you can figure out:


Work and work some more

no fun no games just work

boy you are dull jack


tell me what happened

great you made me hit a cat

oh okay meow


good it arrived

i just knew it would show up

yes i was waiting


i need a good friend

you are there when i need you

indeed i am indeed


what a nice fence sir

i just finished building it

won’t you come in sir


dang i failed again

dang and now i failed again

dang i failed again


can i kill that one

no don’t you dare kill that one

look a golden egg


miserable me

hello there may i join you

miserable us


good intent abound

roadwork ahead use caution

you are going down


the soup is finished

too much salt not enough noodles

fire half the chefs


the current is strong

we are getting nowhere fast

won’t get far no oar


a little of this

and a little of that

seasoned vitality


the goose is cooked

in a salt and pepper sauce

mmmm two fine birds


looked interesting

can’t get past the first passage

boring beyond words

18 comments on “Haiku! Gesundheit.

  1. beautiful collections,
    loved them all,
    thank you for sharing!

  2. beautiful! and some of them really got me smiling!

  3. Some are also very deep. Nice work 🙂

  4. is the boring beyond words about julie and julia? hahahaha your awesome. i love your outlook on things. your words always touch me in some way or another. never stop expressing yourself and sharing with us all.

  5. jen, that was the adage “You can’t judge a book by its cover” and you are right, julie and julia was one of those books!

  6. beautiful post…

    keep in mind:

    visit and comment for 18 poets in my list that are NEW to you.
    have fun!

  7. ha. these are some brilliant haikus…a few made me smile.

  8. Alot of fun to read. More please.

  9. These are some strong haikus.

  10. I’m so proud of you! And I hope you are even prouder of yourself! It has been so fun to see your talent blossoming and blooming as we have looked on. Keep it up!

  11. I really enjoyed this one:

    “the current is strong

    we are getting nowhere fast

    won’t get far no oar”

    Keep up the good work!

  12. No Rally next week…
    enjoy a break!

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