Limerick for a Summer Afternoon

The kids and I went to a super duper barbecue today. Great food and great vibes. A good time was had by all and we hated to see it end. The hostess went around introducing all and of course mentioned that I write limericks. I was put to the test as I jotted this one down on the spot.


They said grab a plate, so we grab

And eat all kinds of food as we gab.

The kids splash at the pool

Cuz that’s how we stay cool

At the barbecue at Casa Diab.


Burgers, hot dogs and fruit kabob.

Use a napkin. Don’t eat like a slob.

Leave some room for dessert.

Another cupcake won’t hurt.

Just close the door by pulling the knob.


That secret recipe for  the oriental salad

Will be available next week in the balad.

We just got it from Miss Tess

Written between cleaning up our mess.

I sure hope the ingredients are valid.


Mugs of coffee and cups of miranda

Are enjoyed over talk on the veranda.

The kids play here and there

With good manners so rare.

This day could not be any grander!


A big thank you to the host and hostess with the mostess!

4 comments on “Limerick for a Summer Afternoon

  1. It was great meeting you! ~ Um Tulp

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