Just grow up already

I kid you not if I were a kid
I’d do back to you all the things that you did.
I’d make you a wager
That any teenager
Will get payback in full, God forbid!

You are driving me out of my mind
With your ways that are more than unkind.
Is that how I raised you?
As if nothing has phased you?
Why I oughtta spank your behind!

I can’t end this poem like this.
We’ve had many a moment of bliss
So I’ll just say I’m sorry
With motherhood comes worry
Now come over here and give your mom a kiss.


10 comments on “Just grow up already

  1. motherhood that says it all…

  2. So true; Loved the picture! Well done. Heartspell

  3. I like the limerick format.

  4. Ha!! Yep there’s my life!

  5. love it! love it love it love it!!! 😉 …..especially the pic!

  6. A funny poem, I love the switch in the last stanza.well done.

  7. I hear your words in the picture and see the picture in your words. Outstanding!

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