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Can’t shoot ’em

Can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em
Spend your life trying not to dispute ’em
Sometimes your relations
Are a cause of celebrations
So today we shall try to salute ’em.

Parents tell you the way things are done
Always tend to take away your fun
They’re so over the hill
But since they foot the bill
When you fight let them feel that they’ve won.

Teenagers always feel they are right
They are willing to put up a fight
When they don’t want to listen
They wind up missin’
Way past their curfew at night.

If you must live with a sister or brother
No doubt you will wish for another
But there is no exchange
They’re so hard to estrange
Seeing how they come from the same mother.

Ah, but family can be so amazing
When you talk you need no rephrasing
Always there for support
When you come up short
They’re the first ones to do your praising

They don’t just need you they want to be with you
Someone to lean on, to offer a tissue
They really do care
So just say a prayer
That when you’re not around they will miss you.

One comment on “Can’t shoot ’em

  1. Creative 😀 loved the part about sisters and brothers lol

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