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My Favorite Things – The Sound of Music Meets Jordan

Reposting my love song to Jordan today in honor of Eid al Istiqlal, Independence Day! While I love to hear the Jordanian National Anthem, I can only hum along. Enjoy your day, everyone. Eat some shawarma or mansaf, your choice! Long live the King! Inspired by the 50 things we love about Jordan and kinzi’s […]


A Birthday Poem for Tom

“One dark day in the middle of the night” This is the poem he liked to recite. Side by side we grew up with each other, Today’s his birthday! Whose? My brother’s! . . . . Have an extraordinary day! Love always, Joyce

Protected: Directions

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

My Love

Your skin glows like the Peach, blossoms fuzzy as the rhododendron in the purest hope of spring. My heart follows your tuba voice and leaps like a zebra at the whisper of your name. The evening floats in on a great canary wing. I am comforted by your shirt that I carry into the twilight […]

Can’t shoot ’em

Can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em Spend your life trying not to dispute ’em Sometimes your relations Are a cause of celebrations So today we shall try to salute ’em. Parents tell you the way things are done Always tend to take away your fun They’re so over the hill But since they foot […]

What way Westminster?

A friend of mine lives down the way from Strawberry Fields. He has been showing his displeasure of giving tourists directions so I thought a little limerick might cheer him up. I am sure my geography is all wrong, and I still don’t know the difference between U.K. and Britain. I’m just an American woman […]

Limerick of Lament – The Despair of a Sweet Love Affair

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Fantasy fudge. A sweet love affair. “Sounds intriguing”, declares my friend Claire. Marshmallow fluff Amazing stuff Buy two jars so you have some to share. I showed the website to make Claire aware, But now she’s mad so you better beware. They […]

Interview with my kids

Something I did last year. Just uncovered it today. Sorry folks for not being around more, but this will entertain you. Excuse Alia, she was being a nutcase that day. . . Alia (age 14), Petra (age 6), Rod (age 6), Layali (age 3) . 1. What is something mom always says to you? Hurry […]

A Birthday Limerick for Jenine, better late than never

Allergy medicines made me sedated That’s my excuse as to why it’s belated I know you had fun At the beach in the sun With the memories you two created! . . . . . . . . Happy Belated Birthday, Jenine. So glad your hubby is a romantic.