A Sonnet for those star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Lynda

Two souls TO you I WILL SUGGEST

A strong Leo AND fair Capricorn

THE SITUATION could very WELL BE blessed

But his name was not THE one that was worn


To PASS off a MISSING designation.

IT was, ALBEIT, UPSETTING to portray

Another, this would BE the foundation.


MIND YOU, this tale would have ended WITH SEPARATION.

Their love was true despite the lies they amassed

AND to SEE each PARTNER so lost IN A fabrication

Starting a relationship based on lies, to SOME it would DISTURB

BUT if YOU COULD see them as I do TONIGHT, their love is SO superb.



Today’s Poetry Prompt from The Pencil Sharpener: Read your horoscope (or the horoscope of a loved one).  Then write a draft of a poem. Circle every third word of the horoscope and write a poem around it.

I followed the lead of Julie T. Ewald and took it a step further. I looked up my husband’s and my horoscope and created a Shakespearean sonnet in iambic pentameter about our first meeting. Without the words to put into it, I am sure it would have sounded much less Shakespearean and much more Seussian. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. It felt like piecing a puzzle together.

Here are the words I had to work with, alphabetized for ease:

a, a, a, albeit, and, and, be, be, busy, but, could, disturb, find, have, in, it, mind, missing, partner, pass, passed, see, separation, situation, so, some, suggest, telephone, the , the, the, the, to, to, tonight, trying, upsetting, way, well, will, with, you, you

3 comments on “A Sonnet for those star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Lynda

  1. I adore it!

    Email me (julie@thepencilsharpener.com) if you would be interested in doing a guest post about the sonnet for National Poetry Month. I do so awful with them, I don’t think the article I would write could do justice to the form.

  2. excellent…funny the circumstances that bring us together…if the phone had been busy…well thank goodness it wasnt…so which is the leo…for i am as well…

  3. thank you, Brian. The Leo was my husband, my Romeo!

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