Limerick of Lament: For you, Munal

I have a friend who jumped ten feet high

At the chance to go to Dubai

But then her vacation

turned to rest and relaxation

Now she sighs at her last good buy.


She so wants to scream and shout

Because her back decided to go out.

Now she must stay in

Much to her chagrin

And all she can do is pout.


So much to do, to see and to eat,

How she wanted to have her treat.

How can one lousy back

Throw her off track?

She will just have to stay upbeat.


She’ll take a room with a view,

A pedicure and shampoo

Breakfast in bed

You heard what she said.

Room service is great! Thank you!

2 comments on “Limerick of Lament: For you, Munal

  1. such a great idea,
    really nicely done

  2. Good one! 🙂 Poor Munal!! 😦 Salaamtik again!

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