Luck of the Iris

We ate lunch by the barn, a simple meal of fresh baked bread,
Lebeneh, falafel, and olives, until we were all fed.

The children drove the car around an empty field
No one around to stop them or even make them yield.

My eldest eagerly offered me an iris of black
Jordan’s flowers grew wildly along the fence in the back.

I decided it was time for me to explore
So I left my husband smoking his cigarette by the door.

Springtime spread across the land in varied shades of green.
God gave us this season and it shall not go unseen.

I strode across the land in search of the elusive iris
They swayed gently in the wind as if saying “Please, admire us!”

I saw a grasshopper and the grasshopper saw me.
I didn’t bother him and he didn’t bother me.

Silent it wasn’t with the hum of the bees
While the wind blew softly through the olive trees.

I tried and tried to capture a butterfly without a worry.
I used a camera not a net but it turned out much too blurry.

I spotted a caterpillar and would take it home soon
So that we could watch it turn into a cocoon.

I came back to where we sat next to the chicken coop.
The day would have been perfect if not for the smell of the poop.

I must apologize for these pictures I have shown
I should use something other than the camera on my phone.

4 comments on “Luck of the Iris

  1. Nice pics..u reminded me of my priceless time in Jordan, I miss it 🙂

  2. Seems to be a nice day you had.. Nice pictures also.. Masha Allah your kids are adorable..

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