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Mad about Family Feud

I have a new facebook obsession and I know I am not alone. I am so over Pet Society and Farmville and Mafia Wars and even Wordscraper. The only other game that comes close to my new obsession is Guess the Sketch, but my poor excuse for an internet connection keeps me from playing such a live game. It’s a shame, too, because I was getting pretty good at it.

My new obsession is Family Feud. It is so much like the real game that it even uses the voice of Ray Combs (I am pretty sure). My favorite part is when it says “Strike Three. Too bad.” It shouldn’t be, of course, but the way he says it just amuses me. My kids gather around when I play and my second graders try to read the survey question quick enough to help me answer or they run off to big sis for some help. So it really is a family effort in my house. It’s a darn good thing they limit you to two games a day or my dishes would not get done and my blog might not get written.

I have loved Family Feud since I was a kid. I remember watching it and yelling out the answers to the TV, like they could hear me, right. Richard Dawson made the show so much fun because he was just downright funny and would laugh at the contestants bad answers. However, if given the chance I NEVER would have gone on that show. I just couldn’t stand how the man kissed every woman and girl that came on the show. Blecchh! Sometime the answers were racy, although I didn’t know what they even meant, and my parents would say to each other “Do you think they should be watching this?” For the most part it went over my head (in a way I hope things go over my kids heads on TV these days, sheesh).

I do remember, back in my high school years, reading MAD magazine which I bought from the newsstand I worked at after school. A great investment, 90 cents, cheap. One time they did a parody of Family Feud and I still recall it vividly. It was funny because every question asked was answered “Make love” “Make love” “Make love”. This was humorous because it demonstrates exactly what I then did not get. I think the whole “make love” type of answers and old Dawson kissing all the time had my parents nervous about what might happen to our tender minds. This is the same type of thinking that kept them from letting us watch Three’s Company back then. Heck, my definition of “make love” was not even accurate. It was probably first base, which I knew so very little about as it was. I didn’t even know what second base was!

Back to my current fascination with this fabulous flashback, I can’t believe how I am unable to come up with the answers on some of these questions!It’s a good thing I am in the privacy of my own home without an audience and a host ready to heckle me if I come up with a doozy. That would most definitely be the fodder of YouTube videos such as the one I have here:

I’m sure if Alfred E. Neuman were on he would simply say, “What? Me, worry?”

One comment on “Mad about Family Feud

  1. ok first of all we werent supposed to watch 3s company either. lol second, on the video clip, have those 2 never left a light or the tv on all night. and oh if someone here trying to tip the visitors off that its time to go just got up and went to bed? lol oh that would be funny. the video clip made me laugh out loud and your blog as always takes me back and makes me think what i was thinking, doing, watching way back when. my kids also crowd around when i’m playing my 2 episodes a day as well, and some of their answers are just as nutty as those video clips 😉 lol hahahahahahahaha

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