Limerick of Lament: Daylight Saving

The time has come, I’m here to say, to talk of many things,
How once a year we lose an hour, time flies without its wings.
Fast forward, rewind.
Spring ahead, fall behind.
Oh, the chaos this time change brings.
Early to bed and earlier to rise.
Who is to blame for our children’s cries?
Englishman William Willett
Didn’t invent it nor instill it,
Yet he may be the one to despise.
You could blame it on World War One.
Daylight Saving was unfurled not for fun,
But as a means to save coal,
One full hour they stole
Of your dream time in exchange for some sun.
These next few mornings you will hate.
What can I say to make you less irate?
Oh no, now I’m stressed too!
But what can we do?
Let’s say goodbye before we are late!


4 comments on “Limerick of Lament: Daylight Saving

  1. This is one of your best ones, I think!

  2. Loved it!

    I love the daylight saving time wen I finish work, it seems like the day has just started! the tricky part though is gettign up in the morning

  3. Thank you,ladies! I knew I was not alone in this feeling! It’s like the whole world is jet-lagged.

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