Once upon a facebook . . .spoiler alert! . . they live happily ever after

I have heard people talk about the benefits and drawbacks of social networking sites like facebook. You most certainly can fill your time on them, even waste your time away from doing productive and physical work. You can play games like Mafia Wars and Farmville with friends you haven’t seen since high school and still haven’t seen since reconnecting on facebook. You get reminders that it’s their birthday and when it’s yours you get greetings from all of them. You can get caught up with all the quizzes and fan clubs and poke your friends without leaving any bruises. You can accept friends with the click of a button and get rid of them just as easily. And your blood pressure can rise every time facebook decides to give themselves a facelift which is pretty darn often.

The thing I like about facebook is the virtual community that exists especially when you share mutual friends. A status update can be used to make people laugh, make people think, make people take action and possibly make things happen. Today I am going to tell you a little story that happened in my facebook world. And it starts with Bonnie.

Bonnie and her daughter, Kayela

Meet Bonnie.  Bonnie is married, has four kids with her husband Tom, and is as cheerful now as she was when I went to high school with her once upon a time. She has 224 friends on facebook and she is her kids’ biggest fan. She LIKES THE OLD FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!! She went to McKeever when she was in elementary school. She wants to Keep CCHS Weight Room Open For Everyone. She keeps us up to date with her life with her status updates and sometimes she likes mine. Today Bonnie is Enjoying the day – getting housework done, playing with Sundae, running errands downtown and then to Port to the Jr. High Basketball games. Have to enjoy the sunshine while I can; I’ll be at work the rest of the week, bummer. Come on weekend!!!!

Last week, however, her life took an unexpected twist. Bonnie was

On her way to cheer on the Jr. High boys’ teams… So happy that both girls’ dresses fit them nicely…Elyse-First Holy Communion and Kayela-Maid of Honor. Still wish they would stay about 3 years old FOREVER!!!!!

When her son met up with her in the gym after changing, he said ‘Mom do you hear that water?’. she said what water – he said, We got hosed!!! She thought it was pretty funny.

She was busy finding turtles and alpacas and baby flamingos. She even found buried treasure on her Island Paradise all the while commenting on her friends’ statuses. Bonnie always was talkative and friendly even back when she was on the high school cheerleading squad. Little did she know that her world was going to be turned upside down.


Our dog, Sundae, is lost in the Rich Valley area!! Black Schnoodle – Schnauzer/Poodle mix. Tom, the boys and Sundae went to visit with the Malizias. Not sure how long she has been missing. She is very friendly and loves everyone. Please call us if you find her… We hoped that she would have made her way home by now, but she isn’t here!!!

Immediately Bonnie’s friends banded around her for support and encouragement. Everyone knew how important Sundae was in Bonnie’s family.

Bonnie Still no luck with finding our dog. Seems as though she has been missing since about 8PM. If you happen to see her, please call no matter what time it is!!!! I’m suppose to work in Ridgway tomorrow, not sure if I’ll be working or not – might stay home waiting for her!!

Although I’m glad we didn’t find her along the road, I wish I had a freakin’ clue where to look!!!

Promises of prayers and suggestions for where to start looking started pouring in. Is she chipped (microchip with information)? No. Did you inform the police? Animal control? Yes, left a message and called the radio station too.  What better name for a friend than Hope, who stepped in to offer her assistance.

Hope Bonnie-what color dog and how big, I am working in rich valley area today

Bonnie OMG Hope – thanks for asking…she is black, her name is Sundae, she is a Schnauzer/Poodle mix and probably weighs about 10-12 pounds. She does not have her collar on…

Hope is she old? somtimes old dogs are a bit challenging to approach.

Bonnie No she is only 4 years old. I just clipped her last week – she looks like a Schnauzer. Her tail is cropped (short).

Days pass and still no sign of Bonnie’s dog.


Bonnie Just returned from putting flyers of Sundae around town…hoping for the best but finding it really hard to stay positive!!!


Bonnie We still are in need of prayers and positive thoughts…searched most of the day. We put up signs with Sundae’s picture and our telephone numbers. Now the hard part……. WAITING! The not knowing is killing me!!!!

Bonnie Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all have been a terrific help in our difficult time, we continue to pray for Sundae’s safe return or even a sign from God as to what we should be doing to help find her.

Bonnie Please we ask you all in our area to continue to keep looking for her or talk to people that may have some information for us…as of right now we have nothing to go on!!! My children are hurting so badly,I can’t figure out how to ease their pain!

Now Bonnie has so many friends. Nearly forty friends commented their concern over these past four days, but it wasn’t until Wendy, the kind of friend everyone should have on their side in time of need, started talking and thinking and posting her thoughts that things started turning around. Wendy is another classmate of ours, but she no longer lives in our hometown in Pennsylvania. She lives some 4oo miles away in Michigan and nobody, even Wendy, had any idea that her earnest feelings would lead to Sundae’s return.

Wendy Bonnie,  I can’t stop thinking about Sundae!! I kept waking up through the night and her sweet little face was on my mind.

I’m sure it sounds weird, since she’s not my dog, to be affected like this. I think maybe because I have a schnauzer and Sundai is part schnauzer. I’m trying to picture in my mind her running up to you and the kids in a happy reunion!! 🙂

Bonnie Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all have been a terrific help in our difficult time, we continue to pray for Sundae’s safe return or even a sign from God as to what we should be doing to help find her.


Bonnie No new information to share…although, we have been given a few names of people in our area to call just to make them aware. Praying that somebody will soon have something to give us hope. Sundae is such a good, loveable friend it is comforting to us that she knew how much she was loved!!!!! Thanks everyone.

Bonnie 😦 Feel so helpless. Guess I’ll get ready for another day of searching…Tom finally went to work and the kids are in school. Not liking being in the house without her! My cats are missing her too. They always had so much fun pestering each other!

Wendy The feeling of helplessness is so aweful. Good luck with the search today.

This is when Wendy’s feeling of helplessness actually turned into hopefulness. By the grace of God, she was compelled to post her thoughts on her own status update.

Wendy Dog’s are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

This dear, heartfelt status update was immediately liked by a mutual friend of Wendy and mine, Joe. Joe and Bonnie although they grew up on the same street, had not crossed paths on facebook and Joe was not in on this dramatic week like the rest of  Bonnie’s friends had been. He, too, went to school with us and now lived about 30 miles away in the town of Port Allegany. A string of comments ensued by other pet lovers and Wendy went on to tell of Bonnie’s story. Joe, who had merely liked what Wendy had to say was able to keep up with the rest of the conversation to get this important bit of information.

Wendy A friend of mine has been searching for her poodle, schnauzer mix for two days now. The dog wandered away and they can’t find her. I feel so bad for her and her family. They having been searching the area non stop, but no luck. She feels so helpless. The dog is lost in an area where my Dad has a deer/trout farm in Pennsylvania, so I have my Dad, brother and Mom helping out in the search. It’s so sad.

Joe suddenly pops in with this amazing, and in my opinion, miraculous bit of information.

Joe I think I may know where that dog is Wendy. My wife works with a woman who found a dog of that particular mix. It was found between Port Allegany and Emporium. ill have her check it out and get back with you.

Wendy It’s a little black, curly haired dog. Call Bonnie if you think it could be her dog. Thanks Joe.

Joe Bonnie Horning ?

Wendy yes.


Joe I called Bonnie and it was her dog.It is now home safe with her and her family

See? I told you! A happily ever after! And you better believe that Bonnie and Joe are now facebook and real life friends.

Joe and Bonnie Horning Spehalski are now friends. · Comment · Like

Bonnie Joe – I called you lastnight to tell you our terrific news and to thank you so much for calling me with the information. I don’t know how I can possibly thank you enough for helping us find our dog. It is such an incredible story, I kept waking up and looking at her through the night. We are all so very happy that our family is complete!! Thank you again for taking the time to call Wendy for our number, we are all so very grateful. God Bless you and your family Joe!

Wendy I’m so glad you read my status about Bonnie’s dog. Thank you so much Joe!!!

When Bonnie called me today to tell me the news I cried. Thank God for Facebook!!

Post Script: Bonnie received a return phone call tonight from Melissa (the lady that picked up Sundae). As they were talking about the course of events; Melissa mentioned that she and her husband, Adam, were on their way home Monday night… Come to find out, Sundae was rescued Monday evening! She probably was only on the loose for about an hour.

Melissa kept saying she could tell that Sundae was loved very much, was well taken care of, and that she was a well behaved dog. That made Bonnie feel really good – the same feeling you get when someone tells you what a nice child you have…proud!!

And I am proud to have Bonnie for my friend and am pleased to relate this facebook fairytale.

The End


4 comments on “Once upon a facebook . . .spoiler alert! . . they live happily ever after

  1. Great job telling the story, Joyce. The pictures make it even better.

  2. Joyce – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This story will be printed, saved and read over and over…for sure it was an amazing turn of events. Our family is blessed to have Sundae home and to know such wonderful people as Wendy, Joe, Melissa and Adam, the Prestons and yourself. Everyone loves a happy ending… Thanks again – you did a fantastic job!!

    love – Bonnie, Tom, Kayela, Eric, Keith, Elyse and of course, Sundae!

    • It was an extremely cool turn of events and a story i loved telling. thanks bonnie for your kind words. Our family loves dogs so much, but we don’t have one. Petra actually bought dog biscuits at the mini market in our neighborhood (think Pat’s) with her own money to feed to the neighborhood dogs.

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