A Birthday Limerick for Kinzi

Happy Birthday to Kinzi

With her smile so full of whimsy

She hit the big 5-0

and she’s rarin’ to go

Body strong, mind not flimsy.


They say the pen is mightier than the sword.

What can be said of the keyboard?

With topics dead on

Dealt with head on

Kinzi’s writing is worthy of reward.


Have a bountiful birthday, my friend.


9 comments on “A Birthday Limerick for Kinzi


    Thank you!!! One of my older friends said: “Welcome to 50. It is the age you can say anything. You earned it!”

    Imagine your limericks, post 50…lets give you a MA SHA ALLAH in advance!

    Hope to see you at Sue’s next week!

  2. Happy Birthday Kinzi!! Nice poem, Not everone gets apoem on their birthday 😀

  3. You are amazing at creating poems. Our dear friend Kinzi deserves this special poem. We are blessed to have her in our life and to have her friendship. Cheers to Kinzi!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Awesome effort and so dead on. You go, Joycie. You go Kinzi!

  5. happy birthday Kinzi i have a song for you ;-p

  6. […] Day- البارح I learned from Joycie’s blog that Kinzi just celebrated a very special day. for this occasion I am sending you this beautiful […]

  7. yeeeeee I missed it!!! 😦 will Kinzi accept a late “Happy birthday”?

  8. Ola, Joanna, MommaBean, Meli and Rand…thank you so much for being instruments of God’s blessing in my life!!!!

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