Photo Index of Almondjoycie’s Posts on Jordan

In honor of Blog About Jordan Day, I decided to make a photo index of all the posts I have written about Jordan. Just one click will take you to the post of your choice. I hope you enjoy looking at them, and please drop me a comment or give me a rating.

7 comments on “Photo Index of Almondjoycie’s Posts on Jordan

  1. WOW, that is amazing! A huge list

    Happy Blog for Jordan day to you and to yours

  2. Brilliant!
    Unfortunately, clicking on the picture doesn’t open the post it just opens another page with the picture.

  3. Joyce, clever lady! I missed the one of Maria at Petra, very cool!

  4. this brought a smile to my face reliving all these great blogs! 😉

  5. Jarad, thanks for pointing that out! I know it worked at some point, but now it should work always!

    Actually that is Maria at the Citadel. Make sure you click on it now, because the song is even better than that one picture alone!

    Jen and Qwaider,
    Thanks for looking!

  6. Now, this is something. Your Mansaf post is greatalicious 🙂

  7. ok I think I need 3 hours to read all ur posts and I think they worth it 😀

    be back soon 🙂

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