If ignorance truly is bliss, ignore this post.

Whoever said Knowledge is Power is full of poppycock.

I am beginning to think that Ignorance is Bliss.

Having a purpose in your life is supposed to propel you forward,

but when that path is filled with obstacles and

counterforces trying to shoot you down,

sometimes passion becomes your enemy.


Sometimes I think that being a b*#ch would get me further in this life.

But then I think not being one will get me further in the afterlife.


Anyone know the name of a good hypnotist

to deprogram me and fill me with mindless thoughts?


R.E.M. never sings this song live because people don’t get the message that it is a parody song.


Hey almondjoycie, what’s for supper?

Seems like a good day to stew, I mean for stew.


Gripe Over.

I’m out.

And now against my better judgement I am clicking Publish.

Puhleaze, refrain from any cheery comments today.

I told you today is Stew Day.


2 comments on “If ignorance truly is bliss, ignore this post.

  1. Couldn’t ignore such a blue, bi***y post, because I’m on the B***H train these days, too! Don’t bring me up, I say! Being down for a time (and stewing, ready to explode!) is OK!! Anger at injustices: also OK! So don’t look to ME to cheer you up, missy…ain’t happenin’ here.

    Love ya.(DARN! Wasn’t supposed to end on a positive note!)

  2. All aboard! Thanks for nothin’ sista. 😉

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