Limerick of Lament: Automatic Cycle vs. Vicious Cycle

When I saw this picture I wanted to cry . . .


Once upon a time in a former life

of carefree kids and a happy wife

Rinsing dishes by the sink

the sound of the glasses’ clink

to the spoon, the fork and the knife.



Set it and forget it as you sit yourself down

Watch some Oprah, Watch some Phil or just go to town.

Next thing you know those dishes are done

You didn’t even notice. You were having some fun.

These days of dish pan hands have got your spirits way down.



Ladies of Jordan I am sharing your pain

My hands used to be soft and I’m not just being vain

Dishwater if you’re lucky is at best warm

Get your dishes done quick before the fruit flies swarm

Enjoy the kitchen while it’s clean and it’s time to start again.



No dishwasher for you and you gotta do the dishes

The food was delightful, it was more than delicious

Time for coffee, time for tea

What about time for ME!

It’s about time to end this cycle so vicious!

12 comments on “Limerick of Lament: Automatic Cycle vs. Vicious Cycle

  1. I feel for you!! I hate domestic chores in general… they are a waste of time!! They must be a paid job, someone should be hired t do them and get paid for them so that the mother culd have time to spend with her family. Of course not everyone can afford it I know, but can you imagine the world if everyone could? reduce unemployment and reinforce family bonds

  2. I have four dishwashers…my kids! Just had to lower my standards a bit.

    Think of all the water you save doing them by hand 😀 (I know,I know, it doesn’t help)

  3. I just finished unloading and loading the dishwasher. Now maybe I should appreciate that luxury a little bit more. If only I could find a way to actually enjoy housework…

  4. Ola, I like your way of putting things. Some day maybe I will.

    Kinzi, yes, I am right there with you.

    Do you remember the days of fighting over whose turn it was to do the dishes?

  5. send your kids to catch a few mice, ask your hubby to buy 3 monkeys. then setup your dishwashing factory
    – 4 mice to wash
    – 3 mice to dry
    – 3 mice to put the dishes away
    – the monkeys will be team leaders (1 monkey per team)and “watch” the mice, as they have the long arms and legs they can help the mice when needed

    This is exactly how i manage my dish washing only because I have a problem with mice (and rodents in general) I substituted mice with rabbits

  6. meli, i didn’t realize you were snow white! or are you cinderella? i don’t know if i could deal with any monkey business, so i will have squirrels instead, (they like nuts, like me, almondjoycie). i need some birds too. what shall the birds do? it will be more mouths to feed to be sure, but as long as i have someone to do the dishes!

    • oh i wish i was snowwhite….but then living with midgets hhhhmmmm not sure, and no i dont have an evil stepmother hehehehehe
      squirrels could do the job too (my problem with rodents, doesn’t allow me much contact with them apart from far) but they have short arms so you’d have to all some long arm bigger friend with them…… a cat could do the job actually, you could do a squirrel/cat combo instead of the mouse/monkey
      as for birds….apart from eating, singing and pooing all over the place don’t think they’s be good at any dishwashing since they can’t hold them. unless yu are willing to train them and buy heaps of plastic plates and cups for them to try on

  7. OMG!! we were so spoiled as kids. i remember fighting over who had to load or unload the dishwasher! oh what i wouldnt give to have the pleasure of hearing the fights of who has to load or unload and me just saying oh i’ll do it!!! lol and gladly 😉

  8. The mom in the picture looks so happy as she is loading her dishwasher. I would have smiled alot more while using my dishwasher in the States, too, if I had known the drudgery that was in store for us!

  9. im in the states for a couple of months im getting used to the dishwasher and the dryer and the lovely invention (food grinder ) in the sink! wow… so not looking forward to going back to dubai after this..


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