Grampa Jones, The Original Cookie Blogger

I was talking to Kinzi, that veteran blogger and inspiration, yesterday and she was telling me how she started out as a cookie blogger, too. I am new to blogging, having just started in November, and so this term is new to me as well. As they say, if the apron fits. . . What? That’s not how it goes? Ah, well.

My blog is my way to connect to people from back home, people from Jordan, and any new people that happen to find me along the way. Sometimes I have something to say, sometimes I just go for some small talk – weather, music, and why not, food. In everyday conversation, the question of “What are you cooking for supper today?” comes up. I tell you, when you cook every day, you run out of fresh ideas. You just have to ask around for something new.

Grandpa Jones did the same thing on Hee Haw some forty years ago. Why, he even made them rhyme! I remember growing up and asking my gramma “Hey Gramma! What’s for supper?”  just so we could all say “Yum! Yum!”

I suppose I have been blogging as a way to serve up a slice of my life to those around me. I like to think of it as a smorgasbord, if you will. Read what you like, leave the rest for someone else. You will get sometimes an appetizer of music or video reference, some meaty topics, something you haven’t thought of in a while, something you may have not yet tried, of course some recipes here and there, some picture blogs for dessert and the limericks as the icing on the cake.

The recipes should always include a little story that revolves around the food. My life seems to revolve around food. One of these days, I should write a cookbook. Either that or a novel.  Speaking of books about food, I would also love to share with you a delicious book, The Language of Baklava by Diana Abu Jaber. I found this book quite by accident, while searching for a recipe for msukhan, a Palestinian chicken dish. Having no idea how to spell it (is there a right way?) I googled it and came up with this book. I either spelled it right, or Ms. Abu Jaber and I both spelled it wrong.

A coming-of-age memoir about seeking identity through the foods of childhood. The daughter of a Jordanian father and an American mother, Abu-Jaber was raised in upstate New York but spent long periods of time in Jordan. Her Middle Eastern grandmother’s knaffea and her American grandmother’s roast beef helped her bridge both worlds.

What do you want to eat today?

Could there be a more fitting book for me to have my children read? The problem is, I gave it to Alia to read and she was enjoying it, but she lost it in that bottomless pit of a locker of hers never to be found again. It’s a shame too, because the recipes were worthy of cooking time and again. If you ever do see it, pick it up, you will enjoy the stories and the food talk.

Now I am not the only one talking about food these days. Chances are if you are on facebook, you have seen these groups popping up for foodies. My favorite one is by Rana, a Jordanian chef in the States. Her facebook group, “Mmm…Now that looks good!” is more fun than most. If you want something, you tell her. Wait a few days and there it is, a photograph of the food you desire accompanied by the recipe, tried and true. Good luck making it look as good as she does. If there is anyone I want to see on Fatafeat, it is Rana.



I’ve been wanting to get to this blog for a few days here.

Ironically, I have been kinda busy.

Doing what?



Mmmmm..... Chocolate Pixies. If a brownie were a cookie, this is what it would look like.



7 comments on “Grampa Jones, The Original Cookie Blogger

  1. you made me hungry now……especially the last brownie/cookie one

  2. Love the blog! Love the thought of me on here,and it is truly appretiated. Food was always therapy for me…Well, cooking at the most but the thought of and process of what I was going to cook was the hardest challange. Once you know what you are cooking, and what ingredients you have it is downhill from there.
    I look forward to join the chatter on this site. This is the best place I like to be 🙂

  3. Thanks, Rana! Good to see you have found me here. Hope you enjoy my other stuff too. Please comment, I’d love to get you in on the chatter.

    Meli, wish you could come on over, i missed my gathering today due to sick kid and i have an extra plate of those cookies!

  4. yaa now I’m hungry too… can’t you just come over and cook for ME! 😉 HA… Those Chocolate pixies look delish… reminds me of something my Gram makes now and then… Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Thanks for the mention!!!! My Grandpa Jones was hopeless in the kitchen. I am too, I need some of your love for that room to rub off on me. I avoid it as much as possible!

  6. How ironic, you Joneses, you!

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