Have an amazing post, but it needs approval before publishing.

I wrote a nice post last night, but need to run it by the subject of the post.

I hope to post it later today. In the meantime . . .


For those of you who enjoy taking a moment and reading someone’s thoughts of the day,

I thought I would share some links of blog collections.
Qwaider Planet
Qwaider Planet lists the most recent blogs out there.

They update more often then the other links.

Go toot
itoot: bloggers, readers, designers and technologists ourselves.

We are excited to build a new medium

in which intelligent voices

from and for Arabia

are brought together and presented

to a wider community;

where passionate readers and writers

can share and communicate without filtering.

Jordan Blogs

The voice of the proud Jordanian blogging community
A few of today’s blog posts that I liked:

Bunny Suicide

Where Do You Work?

Pictures from here and there!


5 comments on “Have an amazing post, but it needs approval before publishing.

  1. oooh how exciting, first time I get one of these. not sure what is needed from me, if it’s an approval you have it 🙂

  2. Niceteaser 😀 hayna waiting

  3. wow! that was an amazing post and well worth the wait. thanks for sharing joyce 😉

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