Back in MY Day. . .

When I was growing up, we didn’t have much choice in TV viewing. We had one television in the house and 5 kids that served as my father’s remote control before that invention came along. Nowadays, our biggest problem is where did the darn remote get to.

My daughter came up with a brilliant idea. Go ahead, take it and run with it, we won’t expect a dime off of your royalties after you quickly patent it. It’s that good of an idea. Why, oh why, don’t televisions come equipped with a paging system that will locate stray remote controls? That’s it, the idea in a nutshell. Brilliant, just like I said. No more searching the cushions, getting down on the ground looking under couches, trying to figure out which kid decides he owns the remote. Problem solved. Please, someone, go on and pursue this fabulous invention so the world can benefit. Either that or I will have to get myself one of these.

Back to the television in our home sweet home in Pennsylvania. Once a week, a show called Hee Haw aired. Corn spun humor for the home grown folks. It was filled with skits and music. We were pretty much forced to watch Hee Haw. One of the funniest guys on the show was Archie Campbell. Below is his rendition of that popular bedtime story, Cinderella, with his own twist that will leave you in stitches. Take a potty break while it loads. If you are like my daughter and me, you will strain to keep yourself from peeing your pants. It’s that funny.



3 comments on “Back in MY Day. . .

  1. One of the first songs I taught the oldest 2 kids in the car was “Where oh Where are you Tonight?” They can tear that one UP! “Gloom, Despair, & Agony” are next.

  2. Late Breaking News Flash! Apparently there IS a product out there that you can attach to your television remote to locate it when it’s lost! Thanks, Wendy. http://www.keyringer.com/

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