PDA? So yesterday.

Or so it appears. No, I am not talking about a Personal Digital Assistant. I am talking about Public Displays of Affection. They were big when I was in high school. So big that the principal explicitly banned them from our hallways and our classrooms. I was not a PDA kind of gal in that way, but at least every Valentine’s we were allowed to buy a red carnation to be delivered to any student in the school during homeroom on February 14th.

In grade school we would cover shoe boxes to resemble a mailbox complete with hearts, flowers, and a slot cut out for Valentines. We would sign our Valentines at home, stick them in the little envelopes and lick them all shut until our tongues were dry.

On Valentine’s Day we would have a party which was organized my room mothers, moms of a few of the students in our class. They would serve cupcakes and Hawaiian Punch and most definitely boxes of conversation hearts.

Give me an occasion and I will write a poem. I think it’s a terrific way to show someone they are special. On my birthday in January, I asked my friends to give me nothing but a poem and they did! So I figured I would nudge them to write a poem for their true love to see on my blog. Yet no response. Ah well, the public display of affection has gone out of vogue, or perhaps we have outgrown it.

So I have put together a few little poems. Feel free to use them. Claim them as yours. Let that someone special feel special today. You could send them your PDA from your PDA. Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the gardener

Roses are perennials.
Tulips are annuals.
At sowing the seeds of love
You could write a manual.

For the morning newspaper reader

Newspapers are read
when the news is still new.
Put the paper down
Or this relationship is through.

From husband to wife

The roses were red
You borrowed something blue
I loved you on our wedding day
and I still do.

From wife to husband

I baked you some bread
And I cooked you some stew.
The way to your heart
is your stomach, it’s true.

For the romantic car lover

Sports cars are red.
The sky is so blue.
Let’s ride with the top down, baby,
and enjoy the view.

2 comments on “PDA? So yesterday.

  1. I didn’t see this post or I would have written something. Since the commercialized day of LOVE is over, let me share some of my…sarcasm?

    For the Cheese Lovers out there

    Fondues are cheesy, but
    Lovin’ you is easy.
    Toss me another slice of that Swiss,
    then give me a wide-mouthed-bass kinda kiss. (Ok sorry so graphic, could not resist)

    For those who love Dr. Seuss & Classic Rock

    Horton heard the Who,
    The Rolling Stones listened too.
    One fish, two fish, red fish, what’s next?
    Led Zeppelin’s no-rhyme songs always left the Seussman vexed.

    For Vain Ladies Who Ruin Their Faces

    Botox, Fat Lips, Plastic Skin, Good Grief!
    Come on Jordan’s ladies, turn over a new leaf.
    Your Juicy Sportswear and your tight painted on jeans
    Make me throw up in my mouth a bit, wanting to scream.

    • Umm Farouq, you have left me breathless with your poetry. Breathless from laughing so much. Reminds me of a Jewelry making class assignment I had. It was called the Jilted Lovers Jewelry Competition. I made earrings on fish hooks. I didn’t win, but that is what i call poetic justice.

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