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GPS, what a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

I’ve been in Jordan for three years now, and still have some apprehension about driving to unknown neighborhoods. West Amman, I’ve got you covered. Jabal Amman, you are my old stomping grounds. However, many of my friends live in areas where the signs turn to only Arabic. Oo0o0ooo! This can be quite troublesome when your speaking skills are limited too. At least I know yameen, shmal, and duguree (right, left and straight). But trying to get directions from people in these areas is amazingly tricky.

Loh sa met. (Excuse me)

Wain _____ min hon? (Where is ____ from here?)

The response?

No Inglesh. (No English)

Huh? I thought I was speaking Arabic. I AM trying, and I AM lost. Just speak Arabic   S L O W L Y. Use some hand gestures. Get me noos kilo closer and I will be oh so thankful.

So when I log onto my facebook this morning I see this wonderful advertisement for GPS for the first time in Jordan! And it is suggested as a Valentine’s gift! I love you ARCO and INAV Navigate Through Jordan. Will you be MY Valentine? I long to drive to Tababour, Jubeiha, Dabouq and more. You could make my dreams come true.

On the first day of Valentine's my true love gave to me . . .

And I really love the idea of a GPS as a Valentine’s gift. It means the opposite of “Get Lost!” It means “Darling, I want you home safely!” Oh how I wish my husband read my blog. Maybe he could get the hint.

This post is by no means an endorsement, I do not own the product and have never seen it before this picture. Does anyone have one? I would love to hear how it works here in Jordan where the streets have no names, until recently that is. I would love to put it to the test in the oldest of neighborhoods. Hey ARCO, if you’re out there, I’d be willing to turn this into a shameless plug! 🙂


One comment on “GPS, what a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

  1. That IS cool! THank you so much for visiting my little corner.

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