What better way to show your love. Write a poem.

Valentine’s Day is creeping up. I have the perfect gift for you to give your sweetie. It doesn’t cost a thing.

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue.
What could be better
than a poem from you?

This Valentine’s Day write your true love a poem, that starts with Roses are Red. That shouldn’t be too hard.

Post it on my comments. Or get yourself some pink and red construction paper, glue sticks and markers and make your own. Take a picture and send it to me at almondjoycie@gmail.com I will post it on Thursday, Valentine’s Day.


2 comments on “What better way to show your love. Write a poem.

  1. […] still hoping to get some brave souls to bare theirs by writing a simple Valentine poem for someone they love for Thursday’s blog post. Show me the love! Let it flow, it floats back to […]

  2. […] special. On my birthday in January, I asked my friends to give me nothing but a poem and they did! So I figured I would nudge them to write a poem for their true love to see on my blog. Yet no response. Ah well, the public display of affection has gone out of vogue, or perhaps we have […]

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