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Because I know this is what you want to see . . .

Snow falling in Jordan - March 15, 2007

So we didn’t get the big snow predicted over the weekend. I thought I would remind everyone of the picture perfect day that happened in Jordan almost three years ago, on March 15th. Just when we thought the season would come and go without any snowfall, we got it.

View from the window York, PA February 6, 2010

Most people stayed inside that day as the roads were pretty treacherous. My husband and his brother wanted to try out their new SUVs with 4-wheel drive. Our families all piled in and went driving around in search of the best sledding area. We brought a couple sleds from America and were determined to use them.

The snowflakes that day were the slow motion, dreamy sort that catch on your eyelashes. My memory of that day is pretty much the same. After having our fill of the winter wonderland, we went back home and cooked lentil soup and made snow ice cream. We went through every pair of mittens and gloves of all sizes as the cousins went out to build a snowman on the patio.

That was one lovely day. The next day the snow began to melt and the kids got off a whole week of school due to the cold weather and roads turned rivers.

In the present, it looks like the kids will be back in school tomorrow. But they did get their snow in Pennsylvania! People are digging out paths for their dogs to get out. For now, all is snowy and white.

One comment on “Because I know this is what you want to see . . .

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