Snow Day, Jordanian Style

The buzz around town last night was the possibility of snow in Jordan. When the kids heard this, they did NOT want to go to bed. We were checking the AccuWeather Hour-By-Hour weather and snow was set to come. The little one stayed up with me to see what precipitation would come at 1am. It did start raining just as forecast.

We were expecting to see at least a dusting by the morning. I very nearly woke the kids up without opening the shutters to see if we got any snow. At 5:45am, we did not. I checked and double checked my cell phone for a text message from my daughter’s school in Khalda, sometimes they get snow when we do not. I hopped online to see message boards and emails, but no sign of school closure. I got the kids up and ready just in time for my daughter’s bus and it’s nasty cough of a beep up on the street. Rod and Petra sat waiting in the family room rummaging through the bag of scarves, gloves and hats.

Time passed and still no sign of their bus. Dang! I didn’t have the school or the bus driver’s number other than on file in the closet in my cave where the hubby was in a deep slumber. Did NOT want to wake the bear.

So I called the mother of a classmate to find out that her son was just picked up on the bus, but 20 minutes late. Fine. Then comes the bus with a quick beeb (that’s an Arabic beep). Kids rushed to put on their coats and head out. I stopped Rod in his tracks because the boy did not want to put on the coat but insisted on carrying it. “Get right back here and don’t you leave til it’s zipped!” I assure you I was nothing like the mom on A Christmas Story, but the kid was complaining of an earache, and today of all days was cold!

How long does that take, a minute? By the time they raced up the stairs, all that was there were fumes. The bus driver was 30 minutes late and he couldn’t wait more than a minute? By now, I’m fuming. I got the number to the school and called immediately and repeatedly only to get the busy signal on all lines. Grrrr. I am not happy.

Great. I will drive them to school. I throw on my coat over my pajamas, tie my sneaks and we are off. Before I get to the school in Jabal Amman, my daughter calls to say that there is snow on the ground in Khalda, she is the only one in her grade there, and the teachers are taking off. By now, I am awake, thirsty, with no coffee in my system. Sigh. I will be there after I drop off the kids.

Still no sign of snow, mind you. It wasn’t until I pull up to her school at the top of a hill that I see any snow sticking to the ground, and you can see from the picture I snapped on my phone that it really was nothing to call home about, unless of course you are in Jordan.

Now, time for the rant of every parent to their child. Why when I was in school I had to walk 20 minutes to school in rain, in snow, in a blizzard. It’s true. My mom had us put plastic bread bags on our feet over our socks and under our boots to keep them dry. It didn’t keep them warm. Nosirree. I do remember froze toes. We wore those hats that you only see nowadays on bank robbers on your weekly crime drama. Gloves with mittens on top. My mom used to talk about how they would go to school with foil wrapped hot potatoes in their pockets to keep their hands warm and then eat for lunch. I won’t try to pass that off in my story, but it would make a fine lunch.

Oh, my school bus driving friend in Pennsylvania is probably rolling her eyes and shaking her head as she reads this post. She drives in much more inclement weather and road conditions. Kelly, hats off to you (after we get in from the cold, of course). That is not to say that it is not cold here today in Jordan. If you don’t believe me, touch your tongue to a light pole like Flick did in A Christmas Story. Go ahead. I triple dog dare you.

Post Script: It’s 10:08am. The kids were just dropped home early by their bus. It’s snowing! I just realized that I could have slept in this morning, but then you wouldn’t be reading this. I hope it was worth it!

4 comments on “Snow Day, Jordanian Style

  1. Hey, you and me both… Sadly, my kids just delayed the start of school by 1.5 hours. But, I got a Bakehouse breakfast out of the deal. Then, a bit after got the message to come get them school was done for the day… Too funny. I’m from Alabama, and I assure you they routinely cancelled school due to the “threat of inclement weather.” No need for actual bad weather, teehee. Enjoyed the post!

  2. The joy ! Delightful, the heart is warmed!

  3. Wa alaykum salam,

    We did have snow on and off all day in Khalda. I guess you have to be the Northwest part of town, where a lot of the schools are, in order to get the good stuff. My kids had fun all day playing in it and dripping water all around in the house. The forecast is for more tomorrow. I just ran to the store to stock up. Enjoy.

  4. Momma, the Bakehouse for breakfast, indeed you were lucky.

    Sunil, thanks, I see you are writing again. Keep it up.

    Um Omar, it was a good day, all in all. just enough snow to get all the kids clothes in the closet worn and wet. i took a nap. made homemade soup and ended the day with cinnamon roll biscuits. vowed to heat up the water before doing any dishes today. had to heat my hands up on a heating pad afterwards.

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