I laugh the loudest at my own jokes.

Today a friend posed a question, with a slight grammatical error.

I couldn’t resist responding:

With all the hoopla over LOST, who would you like to permanently send to a desert island?



Let’s see. A desert island? I would say Silas from The DaVinci Code.

A deserted island? Me, for some solitude.

A dessert island! For me and my gals, but only if we get a bottomless cup of coffee.

In my search for the perfect island, I found this blog post about a bedtime story/analogy about being stuck on a deserted island. The moral of the story is pretty much the story of my life right now and the rut that is getting deeper day by day. Hope you enjoy it as well:


Have a great day. I am going out to find myself a flute.


3 comments on “I laugh the loudest at my own jokes.

  1. Take me to that deserted island! Looks so peaceful, unlike where I am in now!

  2. My desserted island would require hot fudge cake from Shoney’s. You guys had a Shoney’s up in PA? Or was it called Frisch’s Big Boy up there? If I couldn’t get that, I’d take a Chocolate Thunder from Down Under (the Outback Steakhouse specialty), and of course, hot coffee round the clock (not instant) and a river of chocolate a la Willy Wonka.

    My desert island would be in the Maldives, I think.

    Deserted island, somewhere in Thailand? With no folks around…not even Leonardo DiCaprio or a lost band of hippies. Just me n’ my spear, lots of crab.

    I, too, laugh the loudest at my OWN jokes.

    • UmmFarouq, those desserts sound amazing! We had Bob’s Big Boy in PA. My favorite dessert along that order is hot apple crisp with ice cream. yes, me, spear, crab. I will talk to myself, unless a volleyball shows up along the shore. I will name him Bob. He will listen intently to all I have to say without interruption and never tell me he heard that one before.

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