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Cari’s Cravetastic Coffee Cake and the Hostess with the Mostess (plates to serve, that is)

One big benefit to the numerous coffee mornings I go to with friends is the ability to sample new and exciting treats. My friend, Cari, made the most wonderful coffee cake recently and I have been spreading the word about it. It was the most perfect coffee cake in texture in flavor that I have […]

A Portent of Springs to Come

Here comes the sun, doo da doo doo Here comes the sun, and I say It’s alright! Spring is definitely in the air in Jordan. I saw my favorite first sign of spring a few days ago, the roadside seasonal gardening shops full of colorful flowers. I decided to dig up some pictures from last […]

A Birthday Ditty for Um Omar

To be sung to the tune of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 😉 . It was forty years ago today, God shone a little light that day She’s been going in and out of fashion But she’s guaranteed to share her passion. So may I introduce to you The gal you’ve known for all […]

Cinderella – Lost in Translation

Petra came in all smiles after school on Sunday. It was library day and her teacher picked out a book for her that was both in Arabic and English. Apparently, they translated the English from the Arabic as you will see: In a beautiful palace surrounded by trees and flowers, there was a rich man […]

One Angry Customer and Lessons to Learn from Cake Mania

Okay, this little rant is merely for my self gratification. With one day a week dedicated to my gripes, sometimes the gripe loses its momentum. The incident that had me fuming last Friday is nothing but smoke and ashes now, but when I walk back into that place, as I must, the flames may get […]

The youngest face on facebook

Remember when you had a baby and the hospital would send a photographer around to take a picture of your baby and you would buy a package of pictures in a little card/frame, fill out the birthdate, height, weight, and of course the little pumpkin’s name to send out to friends and family? Do they […]

Have an amazing post, but it needs approval before publishing.

I wrote a nice post last night, but need to run it by the subject of the post. I hope to post it later today. In the meantime . . . . For those of you who enjoy taking a moment and reading someone’s thoughts of the day, I thought I would share some links […]

Back in MY Day. . .

When I was growing up, we didn’t have much choice in TV viewing. We had one television in the house and 5 kids that served as my father’s remote control before that invention came along. Nowadays, our biggest problem is where did the darn remote get to. My daughter came up with a brilliant idea. […]

A Birthday Limerick for My Sister in Law

She was born in February and her parents called her June. In all her years of growing, summer never came too soon. Her life was but a dream, lifeguarding and swim team. Then, my brother somehow made her heart swoon. . . . Happy Birthday, June!

Makin’ The Mansaf Illustrated

Some time ago, I told my sister that my husband asked some people over for mansaf. She asked, “Mansaf? What is that? A dish? A holiday?” I can say a bit of both. It is definitely an occasion when you make or are invited for mansaf. So I thought I would illustrate it through photos.