Eight Ball Zucchini – How Darling

I came across this recipe for stuffed zucchini (cousa) and was struck by the shape of the squash. I sure wish we could find this in Jordan, maybe I would find myself making this cherished Jordanian dish more often.

I recently posted a recipe for stuffed cousa on recipezaar. I got my first rating on that dish. Sadly, I only got 3 stars out of five because I cooked it in tomato sauce, the only way I eat it. The reviewer left out the turmeric so as not to yellow her fingers, a big mistake, as I imagine a bland stuffed cousa would be like eating a dirty dishrag.

I have been wondering ever since, how do other families prepare their cousa mashi? In tomato sauce? In broth? In jameed? I would love to hear how you eat yours. And if you happen to look at my recipe, and it looks like yours, would you kindly rate it for me? 3 stars just will not do for my mother in law’s famous stuffed cousa.


2 comments on “Eight Ball Zucchini – How Darling

  1. i do cook my stuffed zucchinis in tomato sauce and also with yogurt…both dishes are great and easy to make. have a look at both recipes on my blog..you can search by keywords, Kusa, Laban, Mahshi. yours is pretty nice and i do not know why you only got 3 stars!! for me, i give you 5 stars 🙂
    have a great day.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Looking forward to searching your blog for many tasty recipes.

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