Let The Limerick Lady Be Your Inspiration!

It’s my birthday. I’m on vacation.

So let me be your inspiration.

For better or worse

Write me a verse

That will fill my heart with elation.



This was my one and only birthday request this year. A simple facebook status update and my wish was more than granted. I have such amazing friends and family. Tony said “I would have asked for a new car myself but a Poem you wanted and a Poem you got so don’t complain if it’s not any good, lol.” Had I asked for a car I wouldn’t have got one, but as it is I got plenty of poems!

I do love numbers, so I crunched some on my birthday greeting stats and they go a little something like this: I got birthday greetings from 28 school friends, 14 relatives, 10 friends I’ve made here in Jordan, and 14 Facebook friends whom I have never seen! I got poems from 6 of those school friends, 2 of those relatives, 4 of my friends living in Jordan, and would you believe 3 people I have never met other than through facebook wrote me poems!

I just met  fellow blogger, Kinzi, in person recently. We added each other to our facebooks and started following each other’s blogs. She actually had read my stuff, but didn’t have the blog to put to the face. She then said to me “Oh, I didn’t know you were the limerick lady!” So I suppose I have been dubbed The Limerick Lady. She wrote me a limerick in honor of my birthday! Another blogger, Momma Bean, wrote me a little ditty as well. Click on their poems and it will take you to their enjoyable Jordan blogs.

From one of my besties

today is your birthday let’s all give a cheer
to our great friend joyce she is such a dear
we are so lucky we’ve had her this year
she’s always so sunny her smile so light
witty, pretty, charming, bright
how lucky we are when she’s in our sight
caring mother, loving wife, great friend to us all
she’s always behind us if we ever fall
so on this very special day let’s all cheer and say hooray!
today is your birthday we all want you to know
how special you are, from your head to your toe!!!!♥ ♥

From another of my besties

Joyce! Happy Birthday!
I’m not a poet
and I know it
but have a great birthday
and don’t blow it!!

From my witty and fabulous sister

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
You wonderful sister.
Who’s heart’s sweet and true!

One poem was not enough from my witty and fabulous sister!

In January some years ago
My parents had a baby
Officially, she’s “Joyce,”
but we often call her Jaby.
Ever since she was little
She knew how to make
Me feel like a star–
She’s all give and no take.
Writing a poem for a poet’s
A task to avoid.
But Joyce is SO special,
and so rarely annoyed.
So I guess now I’ll finish
My ode to my sister.
I know that it’s awkward,
Perhaps a tongue twister.

From a school friend who makes my day often on facebook

Birthdays are delicious,
But they come just once a year.
The happy part is chocolate cake.
The tough part is the mirror.
You might be getting wrinkled,
But the best part – this is true,
You may be getting older,
But your friends are older too!
Happy Birthday my friend!! Love you!

From a dear school friend

Happy Birthday, dear friend Joyce
Glad you found a place to voice
all your wisdom and your humor and your grace
May your day be lots of fun
May you find life’s just begun
And may you always have a smile upon your face.
that’s about the best I can do at 6:30 am
Hope your birthday is better than my poem

From another dear school friend

Roses are red
Jewelry is gold
Holy moley you’re getting old!!
Only kidding…have a wonderful day!

From yet another dear school friend

Now is the time for me to use my voice
To wish a very Happy Birthday to my dear friend Joyce
She’s been my friend for many years
We’ve shared laughter, fun and even tears
Even though now she is far away
I know she’ll always be my friend which makes me yell YEAH!

From yet one more school friend

There once was a woman named Joyce
The day she was born not her choice
She moved far away
But on her birthday
We facebook and all will rejoice……….

From a fellow blogger and friend

From a fellow blogger and friend

From a dear friend we will most likely all see on a best seller list someday

From a facebook friend I have yet to meet in person

I have known you quite a while,
When you talk, you make me smile.
A special friend, I will probably keep,
If you buy me, a cool jeep.
It’s your birthday, I nearly forgot,
Searched online, bought you squat.
Hope you don’t turn all bitter,
Since you’ve never been a quitter.
I nearly quit, writing this verse,
Mind is blank, it’s a curse.
Soon, your party will be here,
If I wake up, I’ll surely appear.

From a facebook friend I will most likely meet someday

roses are red,
violets are blue,
you are sooo bootiful
and i wuvs you to!

From a facebook friend I’d love to meet someday

Today is Joyce’s special day
and we all say hip, hip, hurray
we wish you all the very best
for this birthday and all the rest.

From my cousin’s wife, whose humor and wit our family is blessed to have

Joyce is a blonde headed poet,
Who writes and then likes to show it!
Her limericks of life,
find humor in life’s strife
It’s her birthday and everyone should know it!

From a friend from the past! Junior High!

Through the Sands of time we have come to live, to go and to stay.
Some went far away while some never went away.
Some live in a box, some under a rock and some on top the mtn.
Some have alot of kids, some have only a few while some have none.
Some went to bat while some of us went to fun.
Some never said no, some never said yes.
So in the end we may not always understand or know how come
Some are the way we are but may we always be friends like the way you and I are!
So there you have it. Ask and ye shall receive. This was one of my best birthdays ever. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and year to come! My friends came over to top it all off (with mushroom, green peppers, and extra cheese). They threw me the best little party ever. For them, I have this little limerick:
The pizza was tasty. The cakes were delicious.
My friends came to my house to fulfill my wishes.
They gave my spirits a lift.
But the very best gift
Was that they did all the dishes!
If you know someone having a birthday, go on, write a couple lines about them.
You will definitely put a smile on their face.

5 comments on “Let The Limerick Lady Be Your Inspiration!

  1. I love this! A compilation of love and support! Hooray for us.

  2. Thank you for the limerick! I am happy you enjoyed your special day with those who think so much of you and love you so. You are a truly special and wonderful person.

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