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Ode to a Mom Pulling Out Her Hair

Yesterday, I wrote of the laments of studying. A reader reminded me of how it is no easier for the parents. This is for her.

This limerick goes out to Cari,
Is she tired of studying? Very!
So very tired.
But her kids are all wired.
And her temper is risin’. Be wary!

Three girls and one testing week,
the results seem so very bleak.
So study they will
Pop another pill,
If a cure for this headache you seek.

Let’s not forget to mention her boy
Running around screaming for toys
Concentration is a must
But so far it’s a bust
Stay calm, Cari, and show some poise.

Your face is long. You look like a mourner
I know you could be no forlorner
After language and math
Take a long hot bath
A break is just around the corner.

Get them to show off their smarts
And to all bring home full marks
If they succeed
You will all be freed
for three weeks spent at home and in parks!

One comment on “Ode to a Mom Pulling Out Her Hair

  1. LOL!!! 🙂 Hilarious!! Hey so you DO take requests… hmmmmmm what do I want next? LOL Thanks Joyce! Jak Happy studying!

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